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iOS 12 hits 50% adoption in 23 days

Although unofficial iOS 12 installation rate numbers have circulated since shortly after the public launch on September 17, Apple today provided its first official statistics: 23 days after release, iOS 12 was installed on 50 percent of all devices, versus 53 percent of devices introduced in the past four years. Thats not the fastest uptake in iOS history, but once again its well ahead of typical Android adoption. Apples figures were based on App Store measurements taken on October 10, 2018, and now have been broken into two separate pie charts: The differentiation clearly suggests that uptake of Apples latest OS has been faster for more recent devices, while hinting that developers shouldnt feel held back by lagging upgrades to older hardware. Notably, however, iOS 12 was targeted somewhat — though not exclusively — at improving performance on older devices, providing most users with a reason to upgrade if their hardware could do so. iOS 12 runs on all iPhones since the iPhone 5s, as well as all iPads since the iPad Air 1 and mini 3, plus the sixth-generation iPod touch. Whether adoption of recent iOS releases is impressive or sluggish depends on your perspective. Given the huge size of Apples iOS userbase, getting at least half of that audience to switch to the latest release in less than a month is a pretty major accomplishment, and the envy of rivals like Google and Microsoft. That said, iOS 10 hit a 54 percent installed base after a month, and iOS 11 was at 52 percent after a month and a half, so iOS 12 looks to be doing a little better while remaining in the same general ballpark. iOS 11 peaked at the 85 percent installation mark two weeks before iOS 12 was released. By contrast, Android Oreo at that point was at under 15 percent of the Android userbase. As of Googles last report on September 28, only 19.2 percent of Android users were on Oreo, with no number listed for the latest release of Pie, as any version representing less than 0.1 percent of the total Android installed base wasnt shown.

iOS 12 adoption is progressing much faster than iOS 11

Apple has just released the first numbers for iOS 12s adoption rate on its App Store developer portal, and things are looking up from last years iOS 11, with Apples latest mobile OS hitting 50 percent adoption across eligible devices in 23 days ( via VentureBeat). For comparison, iOS 11, released on September 19th, 2017, didnt hit 52 percent adoption until November 6th of that year, taking 48 days, or over twice as long as it took iOS 12 to hit its own 50 percent mark. Apples portal also notes that adoption rates are even higher for devices released in the last four years, which hit 53 percent adoption of iOS 12. While its hard to compare directly from year to year, since were largely at the whim of when Apple decides to release these figures, iOS 10 was said to have reached 60 percent of devices in 44 days, while iOS 9 was installed on 67 percent after 64 days. Things look even rosier compared to Android — per Googles last update on September 28th, Android Oreo (released on August 21st, 2017) is running on just 19.2 percent of Android devices, after 403 days of availability. And thats not even counting Android Pie, Googles latest release, which the company has yet to provide numbers on.