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Google+ in G Suite gets content tagging, custom streams, and more engagement metrics

You couldve been forgiven for thinking Google+ had already been consigned to the scrap heap, but news emerged this week that Google was finally shuttering the consumer version of the social product — though only after a major security vulnerability had been found. Fast-forward three days and Google has more Google+ news to share, but this time its pretty much good news. The internet giant has revealed a triumvirate of new features that will be making their way into Google+ for G Suite users within businesses. First up, Google+ users will soon be able to use tags to help fellow employees follow specific topics when they share content across an organization. For example, if youre sharing a research study on customer requirements, Google+ will suggest hashtags to include in the post before you share it. This means colleagues are more likely to find posts that are of interest to them by following a specific tag. We want to make it easier for all employees to engage in conversations across their organization, including deskless workers who want to stay engaged on the go outside of email or chat threads, said Google product manager David Conway, in a blog post. Even if you dont know all employees across an organization, tags makes it easier to route content to the right folks. Elsewhere, Google also announced that it will soon activate a new feature its calling custom streams, whereby admins can create a tailored content stream that allows employees to follow and engage with posts from specific people or on specific topics. Custom streams may include all posts from senior executives, for example, allowing rank-and-file workers to enter discussions on key issues. Or a custom stream may be topic-specific based on a particular tag. Data and metrics are key selling points across G Suite — last month, Google unveiled  a new Work Insights tool that reveals G Suite adoption and collaboration rates within a company. In a similar vein, Google+ already offers engagement metrics such as user activity data around Google+ communities. Soon, Google will serve up post analytics so people can see how their content is being received across an organization — if, for example, posts are being read more by people in sales than in marketing. While the timing of this announcement may (or may not) be coincidental, the fact that it comes so soon after the Google+ security palaver from earlier this week is notable, and it serves as a timely reminder from Google that even though Google+ for consumrs is being ditched, its very much alive and kicking in the enterprise.

Google+ for G Suite lives on and gets new features

You thought Google+ was dead, didnt you? And it is — if youre a consumer. But the business version of Googles social network will live on for the foreseeable future — and its getting a bunch of new features today. Google+ for G Suite isnt all that different from the Google+ for consumers, but its focus is very much on allowing users inside a company to easily share information. Current users include the likes of Nielsen and French retailer Auchan. The new features that Google is announcing today give admins more tools for managing and reviewing posts, allow employees to tag content and provide better engagement metrics to posters. Recently Google introduced the ability for admins to bulk-add groups of users to a Google+ community, for example. And soon, those admins will be able to better review and moderate posts made by their employees. Soon, admins will also be able to define custom streams so that employees could get access to a stream with all of the posts from a companys leadership team, for example. But whats maybe more important in this context is that tags now make it easy for employees to route content to everybody in the company, no matter which group they work in. Even if you dont know all employees across an organization, tags makes it easier to route content to the right folks, the company explains in todays blog post. Soon youll be able to draft posts and see suggested tags, like #research or #customer-insights when posting customer survey results. As far as the new metrics go, theres nothing all that exciting going on here, but G Suite customers who keep their reporting structure in the service will be able to provide analytics to employees so they can see how their posts are being viewed across the company and which teams engage most with them. At the end of the day, none of these are revolutionary features. But the timing of todays announcement surely isnt a coincidence, given that Google announced the death of the consumer version of Google+ — and the bug that went along with that — only a few days ago. Todays announcement is clearly meant to be a reminder that Google+ for the enterprise isnt going away and remains in active development. I dont think all that many businesses currently use Google+, though, and with Hangouts Chat and other tools, they now have plenty of options for sharing content across groups.