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You can now use Apple Pay at CVS Pharmacy

You can now use Apple Pay at CVS Pharmacy, Apple has announced. Tim Cook noted that support would be coming for the US-based drugstore chain as well as 7-Eleven in an investor call earlier this year. 7-Eleven made the transition in early September. Strangely, as 9to5Mac notes, the stores have had the kinds of terminals that accept Apple Pay for a while, but theyve just had the NFC functionality disabled. Thats because CVS and 7-Eleven were once on board with a rival payment system called CurrentC, which was developed by a consortium of merchants. Todays move leaves Target and Walmart — also early members of CurrentC — as the two biggest US retailers that dont yet support Apples mobile payment technology in stores. Costco added Apple Pay support in August.

CVS Pharmacy now accepts Apple Pay

The popular drugstore chain has held out for a long time. Back in July, Tim Cook revealed that Apple Pay would finally be coming to CVS. And now it's finally happened: You can now use the payment method to purchase items at the popular drugstore chain. 9to5Mac notes that CVS's payment terminals have had NFC capability for years; the company actually turned it off to prevent customers from using Apple Pay. This is because CVS was a member of Merchant Customer Exchange, which was behind a proprietary mobile payment format called CurrentC. Companies that adopted CurrentC turned off NFC payment capabilities in order to encourage adoption. However, CurrentC was clunky to use; it involved scanning a QR code, which is much less seamless than Apple Pay's current system. As a result, it never established a large user base, and in 2017, JP Morgan bought the tech, which was its effective end as a payment system. In other words, CVS gambled on a payment system that didn't work and is now having to relent and accept Apple Pay.