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Google+ for G Suite lives on and gets new features

You thought Google+ was dead, didnt you? And it is — if youre a consumer. But the business version of Googles social network will live on for the foreseeable future — and its getting a bunch of new features today. Google+ for G Suite isnt all that different from the Google+ for consumers, but its focus is very much on allowing users inside a company to easily share information. Current users include the likes of Nielsen and French retailer Auchan. The new features that Google is announcing today give admins more tools for managing and reviewing posts, allow employees to tag content and provide better engagement metrics to posters. Recently Google introduced the ability for admins to bulk-add groups of users to a Google+ community, for example. And soon, those admins will be able to better review and moderate posts made by their employees. Soon, admins will also be able to define custom streams so that employees could get access to a stream with all of the posts from a companys leadership team, for example. But whats maybe more important in this context is that tags now make it easy for employees to route content to everybody in the company, no matter which group they work in. Even if you dont know all employees across an organization, tags makes it easier to route content to the right folks, the company explains in todays blog post. Soon youll be able to draft posts and see suggested tags, like #research or #customer-insights when posting customer survey results. As far as the new metrics go, theres nothing all that exciting going on here, but G Suite customers who keep their reporting structure in the service will be able to provide analytics to employees so they can see how their posts are being viewed across the company and which teams engage most with them. At the end of the day, none of these are revolutionary features. But the timing of todays announcement surely isnt a coincidence, given that Google announced the death of the consumer version of Google+ — and the bug that went along with that — only a few days ago. Todays announcement is clearly meant to be a reminder that Google+ for the enterprise isnt going away and remains in active development. I dont think all that many businesses currently use Google+, though, and with Hangouts Chat and other tools, they now have plenty of options for sharing content across groups.

Google+ still alive in the enterprise, with updated analytics and collaboration tools

While rumors of Google+'s eventual shutdown have been circling for a while, Google finally decided to pull the plug on the social network in October 2018, following a bug that led to exposed data for 500,000 accounts. The consumer version is scheduled to be taken offline in August 2019, but the enterprise version for professionals will remain active, and Google just announced a bunch of new updates for it. At the Google Cloud NEXT London event on Thursday, Google officials announced that Google+ for G Suite would be getting new features including tagging, custom streams, and engagement metrics. The goal is to help break down communication silos in customer organizations, as noted in a Google blog post. Tagging is the first attempt at breaking the barriers down. Using standard hashtags, users can tag their conversations with relevant keywords to make them more easily discoverable across the organization, the post said. New tags will be suggested when the user is composing a post. Comparison chart: Enterprise collaboration tools (Tech Pro Research). With the custom streams feature, G Suite admins will be able to define custom streams based on topics and their relevance, the post said. This gives users a less cluttered stream, and the ability to engage more directly with leadership through posts. " Additionally, for customers who store reporting structure in G Suite, we will provide post analytics so individuals can see how their content is being viewed by functions across an organization, like product or sales teams," the post said. With the Google+ update, admins will now be able to see new metrics to measure engagement on posts within Google+ communities owned by employees. The admins will also soon be given the ability to review and moderate employee-created posts as well, according to the post. This feature follows other recent updates including defined permissions and the ability to bulk-add Groups to a Google+ community. Google+ didn't work well as a consumer social media platform, so it makes sense that Google would shutter the service in light of the bug. However, the updates to the enterprise version could point to a possible pivot with Google+ becoming the de facto communication hub for G Suite customers. These feature updates will be rolling out in 2019, and interested companies can sign up for a free two-week trial of G Suite here.