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GitHub now hosts over 100 million repositories

Today, the immensely popular social coding platform GitHub announced it now hosts over 100 million repositories. In addition, the platform announced new information about its userbase. GitHub now supports 31 million developers, who collectively have created over 1.1 billion contributions. Visit Hard Fork. These contributions have taken place across a variety of projects, both closed and open-source. GitHub hosts the majority of major open-source projects, including WordPress, Drupal, and TensorFlow. According to GitHub, the most popular project of 2018 was Microsofts Visual Studio Code, a cross-platform text editor built with web technologies with the Electron engine. React Native, TensorFlow, Angular, and Azures documentation occupied positions two-to-five. Much of GitHubs user growth is taking place outside of the United States, where the company is based. The fastest growing market, determined by the total number of repositories created, is Algeria, followed by El Salvador, Egypt, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. If one is only concerned with total open-source repositories created, the top five countries then become Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Sri Lanka, and Nigeria. This user growth is great news for GitHub, which only hosted 33,000 repositories back in 2008. Its also proof that news of the Microsoft acquisition, which was announced earlier this summer, has done nothing to dampen the platforms appeal to developers.

GitHub passes 100 million repositories

Source code management and developer collaboration platform GitHub today announced users have now created 100 million repositories. For context, GitHub had 33 million repositories when the company was founded in 2008, and nearly one in three repositories were made within the past year. About 31 million developers around the world use GitHub today. Repositories, or repos, are used by engineers and developers of all stripes to coordinate open source or collaborative programming projects. According to the recently released Octoverse Report meant to spell out the nature of the developer ecosystem, the fastest-growing open source projects on GitHub are Microsofts Azure Docs, Facebooks PyTorch, and the Godot game engine from MIT. While the United States makes the most repositories, Algeria is the fastest growing country by repository creation, and Egypt leads the way in the highest number of open source repositories, according to the report. GitHub was acquired by Microsoft in June for $7.5 billion,  a deal that officially closed late last month. Last month at GitHub Universe, in what head of platform Sam Lambert called the biggest change since the pull request, GitHub introduced Actions, a new way to automate workflows and build, share, and execute code inside containers on GitHub. Also introduced at Universe: GitHub is deepening its exploration of machine learning solutions that can be made to swap code between popular programming languages like Java and Python and a rolling group of experimental projects to find ways to improve developers lives. For more on the topic, check out this interview with GitHub senior ML data scientist Omoju Miller.