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HQ's live trivia is coming to Android in time for the holidays

Its game shows (and real money prizes) won't be iPhone-only anymore. Since launching in August the HQ app has been attracting hundreds of thousands of players to its twice-daily live trivia games, but so far they're all playing on iPhones. Now, a tweet indicates that Android users will be able to get in on the action soon, since "HQ has a nice little stocking stuffer coming your way." The game came from two Vine co-founders and has seen as many as 400,000 people logging on at 3 and 9 PM ET to try and win cash prizes of up to a few thousand dollars by answering trivia questions. We've seen some attempts at this before, including NBC's short-lived Million Second Quiz game show/app and the Xbox Live game 1 vs. 100. There are other games like Trivia Crack and Quiz Up, but they don't have the same live event hook, while Family Feud Live features tournaments for cash prizes but also contains subscription fees and pushes in-app purchases heavily. Hey world, we hear you also have Android phones? HQ has a nice little stocking stuffer coming your way...

Looks like HQ Trivia is coming to Android

HQ Trivia — the twice-a-day live streamed trivia game built by the founders of Vine — continues to be a big thing. Recent games have had upwards of 200,000 players per session, each hoping to go home with the cash prize (or, at least, a share of it) for answering every question right. And yet… its iOS only. Type HQ Trivia into Google, and HQ Trivia android is the very first auto-suggest… so, clearly, plenty of people are itching for it to go cross-platform. Well, its coming. HQ Trivia tweeted out the following — it doesnt get too specific about the launch date, but the stocking stuffer bit suggests theyre aiming for this month: Hey world, we hear you also have Android phones? HQ has a nice little stocking stuffer coming your way… Adding Android to the mix introduces a few new challenges beyond just the porting process itself. As the player count has ticked upward, the last few games have had pretty obvious moments of lag/buffering — a pretty stressful thing to see when youre up against the clock. Meanwhile, more players means more potential winners to split the pot (each game has a prize of at least $1000, but thats split amongst all winners). No one wants to make it all the way to the end only to split a $1,000 pot 10,000 ways.