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Facebook is asking random questions to learn more about you

The social network's new feature asks fun, silly, lighthearted questions for your profile page. Facebook is trying to get its users talk more about themselves in between all their link shares, photos and videos. Its newest feature for web and mobile called "Did You Know" asks you random questions to tease out info you might never willingly tell anyone yourself . You'll find the new section when you visit your profile page, waiting for you to answer a few fun (perhaps silly) questions like who your favorite superhero is, your favorite sport, hidden talent, what day of the week you'd rather be and what your absolute dream job is (Friday and astronaut, of course.) As TechCrunch notes, the feature seems to take on popular teen app "tbh's" lighthearted approach. "Tbh," which Facebook snapped up back in October, encourages users to talk positively about other people by asking questions like "Who has the most infectious laugh?" Unfortunately, it took a nosedive in popularity since the purchase. Unlike "tbh," this particular feature isn't a standalone app but a part of Facebook itself. You can cycle through questions to find one you want to answer, and when you do, you can post it as a colorful status update to your wall to show your friends. Or, you can set the privacy to "Only Me" and keep your replies a deep, dark secret.

Facebook’s Did You Know feature is a one-trick pony

Facebook today announced it was releasing a feature called Did You Know, which allows users to answer pre-written questions which their friends and followers can then see. To use it, open a new status, and, under the list of things you can add to the status (such as requests for recommendations or location tags), click Answer a Question. Then youll be given a question to answer. Once youve decided which question you want to answer — you dont get to enter one yourself — you can choose the background color, as with any status, and post it. The questions Ive found include: Is it just me, or does this feel like the social media equivalent of the first day in a new language class? You know the day I mean, where youre all parroting mindless facts about yourselves because you dont know how to say anything more interesting — meine Liebingsfarbe ist Lila etc. Something about it feels kind of off. It almost feels as though Facebook is trying to capture the magic of those old Facebook statuses where someone would put a question to their followers, their own answer, and an imprecation to answer, then repost to your profile so you can learn all about your friends — no answering without reposting! Does anyone still do chain statuses like that anymore? The difference is, this doesnt have the same informal social element — its just, again, the user spouting random personal facts. I dont really foresee this becoming a mechanism through which deep discussions happen, though Id be happy to be proven wrong. For anyone who does feel like spilling their guts about their favorite superhero, the feature is now available to everyone on iOS, Android, and web.