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Amazon Prime Video finally arrives on Apple TV

Owners of 3rd generation or later Apple TVs can now get the app. Amazon might be fighting with Google over YouTube, but its own streaming service just got a big win. Amazon Prime Video has finally landed on Apple TV, around six months after Tim Cook first said it was coming. After downloading the app, you'll be able to watch Man in the High Castle and other shows provided you have a 3rd-generation or later Apple TV, according to iTunes. So far, the app has appeared in Apple TV search in the US and Canada, but not the UK, according to my Engadget colleagues there. The best way to find it, notes 9to5 Mac, is to search Amazon in the tvOS store, select Amazon Shopping and scroll down in the "more by this developer" section. As you'd expect, it's much like the web, Roku and smart TV apps, letting you scroll and search films and TV series, select favorites, and more. Amazon Prime Video was supposed to come to Apple TV by this summer, but was delayed for unknown reasons. The service, which is available to all Amazon Prime members, was already long overdue when Cook announced it was coming in May of 2017. Google recently pulled YouTube from FireTV and other services, but Amazon has also feuded with Apple in the past. The two companies famously fought over e-books and commissions from items purchased using Amazon's iOS app, and ( other than briefly), Amazon hasn't sold the Apple TV since 2015. Given the benefit to both Prime Video and Apple TV users, it's good to see they can agree on at least one thing.

Amazon Prime Video finally arrives on Apple TV, months after original announcement

The long-awaited app is now available for 3rd-gen Apple TVs and newer devices. Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the forthcoming appearance of Amazon Prime Video to the Apple TV earlier this year, but the launch kept getting pushed back for unknown reasons. Now, Amazon's Prime Video app is finally rolling out on the tvOS app store. The Prime Video iOS app was recently updated to version 5.0 and the release notes state that subscribers can download a separate tvOS app on their Apple TV to watch Prime Video content on that device. Although we were able to download it this morning, according to a report by 9to5Mac, the Amazon Prime Video app may not show up for all users in a tvOS app store search. If it doesn't show up there, you can find the new app by searching for "Amazon" in the tvOS app store, selecting the Amazon Shopping app, and finding the new Prime Video app in the "More by this Developer" section at the bottom of the page. In order to use the Prime Video app, you must have a third-generation Apple TV or newer device. Cook first announced the launch of Amazon Prime Video for Apple's set-top box back at WWDC in June, and the first release was set for sometime this summer. But the summertime came and went and Apple TV users continued to go without Prime Video. Some suspected the launch would coincide with the iPhone X event in September, but no. Now, Amazon Prime Video joins a number of other big streaming services, including Netflix and Hulu, that have tvOS apps. Previously, any Amazon Prime Video content could only play on an Apple TV through AirPlay from another device. This may open the door for Amazon to sell the Apple TV again on its retail website. Amazon hasn't sold Apple TV since 2015 and recently CEO Jeff Bezos said that the only way Amazon would reconsider selling the device is if its Prime Video service was accessible on the Apple TV. The release of the tvOS app appears to resolve that issue, so it's possible that Amazon and Apple will play nicely with each other (at least on this front) once again. Currently Amazon's main streaming content feud is with Google, which announced it will pull YouTube support from Amazon's Fire TV device in 2018. Google also blocked YouTube from Amazon's Echo Show yesterday for the second time— the first occurred a few months ago, when Google claimed Amazon's implementation of YouTube violated its terms of service. Amazon found another way to get YouTube onto the Echo Show since then and Google just blocked it while announcing the forthcoming suspension on the Fire TV.