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Netflix’s ‘Altered Carbon’ trailer shows a vast cyberpunk world

The new sci-fi show looks massive. We've been looking forward to Netflix's take on Blade Runner for a while now. Altered Carbon, based on the novel of the same name, even made an appearance at CES this year. Now there's a brand-new trailer to get us all excited for the upcoming sci-fi series, full of body horror, murder and (apparently) some funny moments. In the upcoming television show, a rich man 300 years in the future (played by Rome's James Purefoy) needs his own murder solved. So he resurrects and hires Takeshi Kovacs, a soldier killed in action 250 years previously, to investigate. The show looks impressively large, with stunning environments and sets. It's a serious throwback to the cyberpunk vision of novels like William Gibson's Neuromancer and, of course, Blade Runner, itself based on a Philip K. Dick novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Altered Carbon is set to debut on Netflix this Februrary 2nd.

Netflix goes big with a new trailer for cyberpunk murder mystery Altered Carbon

Netflix has released a new, full-length trailer for its upcoming show Altered Carbon, a tech noir mystery about solving a murder in a world where death has lost all meaning. Based off of Richard K. Morgans novel by the same name, Altered Carbon is set three centuries in the future, where people can transfer their consciousness from one body to another — if they can afford it. The trailer likens it to a person shedding their skin like a snake, allowing them to potentially live forever. Takeshi Kovacs (played by both Joel Kinnaman and Will Yun Lee) is a body-hopping soldier called an Envoy who is killed on a distant planet, but wakes up again 250 years later on Earth. Hes been resurrected by a wealthy man named Laurens Bancroft (James Purefoy) to investigate Bancrofts own death. Weve seen a couple of short teasers for the show already, one that introduces the consciousness-transferring technology, while the other focused on the storys unusual murder mystery. This new trailer for the show reveals just how big Netflix is taking the story. Not only does it have a complicated story, but it showcases a huge, futuristic world that evokes the cyberpunk aesthetics of Blade Runner. The big-budget Altered Carbon seems riskier than some of Netflixs past investments; Kinnaman has described the series as a world thats got a bigger budget than the first three seasons of Game of Thrones. The streaming service is doubling down in hopes that itll become a prestige genre hit like HBOs Game of Thrones or Westworld. Morgans novel has plenty of thematically similar material to work with — political intrigue, complex moral decisions, sex, and violence — but well have to wait until the shows debut on February 2nd to see how it measures up.