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WhatsApp messages can now be deleted an hour after you sent them by mistake

WhatsApp has quietly changed the way its message deletion feature works. Originally introduced in October, the WhatsApp delete for everyone used to only allow you to delete messages up to seven minutes after you sent them. WABetaInfo has noticed that the latest version of WhatsApp extends that time limit significantly to one hour, eight minutes, and 16 seconds. Its not clear why the limit is now so specific, apart from being 2^12, and the WhatsApp support pages dont provide any additional info on the time limit. An hour means you now have far longer to delete messages sent by mistake, or can wipe out entire conversations from a friends phone. WhatsApp doesnt have a secret conversations option like rivals where it creates a temporary conversation that isnt stored on sender or recipient devices. This additional time could help facilitate more temporary conversations on WhatsApp. A new WhatsApp for iOS update (2.18.31) is available on AppStore. It is a bug fixes update, but it has the new Delete for everyone limit, thats 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds.

You've got an hour to unsend messages on WhatsApp

It still falls way behind Telegram's similar feature, though. Sometimes you need more than seven minutes to unsend a message on WhatsApp. Thankfully, with the most recent update, now we do. The most recent patch (2.18.31) extends the "delete for everyone" period to one hour, eight minutes and 16 seconds according to a tweet from the messaging service. Is that oddly specific amount of time a reference to anything? It seems like it is, but as far as we know, it isn't. We do know one thing for sure: Telegram users have 48 hours to delete a message and save face before anyone else sees it, so WhatsApp still has some catching up to do. Both are still more generous than GMail's 30-second unsend feature though. A new WhatsApp for iOS update (2.18.31) is available on AppStore. It is a bug fixes update, but it has the new "Delete for everyone" limit, that's 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds.