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Google shows off Android P’s gesture navigation, quickly deletes image

Googles developer blog leaks iPhone X-style navigation gestures. It looks like Google just leaked a major new feature of Android P in a blog post. The post, which recaps a security feature, contained a screenshot of the DNS settings with a navigation bar that we hadn't seen before. The explanation from the rumor mill is that this is Android's upcoming iPhone X-style gesture navigation. After talking it out with the Android Twitter crew, 9to5Google's Stephen Hall said he's heard from sources that this is "100 percent" Android gesture navigation and that the back button is supposed to hide itself. If you wipe out the back button from this picture and call the pill-shaped home button a gesture indicator, you have something that looks exactly like the iPhone X's gesture navigation system. In Google's screenshot, a dialog box is open, so the theory is that in this (in-development, subject-to-change) build of Android, a back button pops up only when a dialog box is open and the button would normally disappear. This isn't the first time we've seen evidence that gesture navigation is on its way. Android P features a new horizontal sliding animation when you navigate from screen-to-screen in an app, which would line up well with a swipe-to-go-back navigation gesture. About 30 minutes after the post went up, it was updated with a new image that cropped out the navigation bar. For now, the original, uncropped image is still on Google's servers here.

Android P may get iPhone X-like gestures, according to Google’s own leak

Google appears to have just leaked a major feature coming to Android P, the next version of its OS. According to an image that appeared briefly on the Android Developers blog for an unrelated feature, Android P will come with support for gestured based navigation – and its about time. This is the image Google posted: Notice anything odd? Look at the navigation bar: Heres what it normally looks like on a Pixel 2 running Android O (or the current Android P beta, for that matter): Where did the recents button go? Why is the back button using the old hollow design? And who squished the home button into a pill? While Id like to think Googles Android Team got drunk and experimented with wacky designs, all signs point that gesture navigation is – at the very least – being considered for Android P. According to Stephan Hall from 9to5Google (h/t ArsTechnica), its 100% gesture navigation. The recents button was removed, and the back button only appears temporarily – explaining the lopsided look. And as pointed out by Ars, Android P has a new sliding animation when navigating within an app, which would jive nicely with swiping gestures. That seems like it would make a disappearing back button redundant, but maybe Google just doesnt want to confuse long-time Android users. Google has since removed the evidence, cropping the image to only show off the feature it actually meant to show off. Since we dont want whomever wrote uploaded the image to feel too guilty , thats support for DNS over TLS, if that means anything to you. Though a variety of Android manufacturers have implemented navigation gestures over the years, Google might be considering the move in stock Android in response to the iPhone X and ever-shrinking bezels. In theory, gesture-based navigation could  allow you to shrink the navigation bar and save some screen real estate, although that doesnt appear to be the case in this particular image. Its worth reiterating this might not necessarily make it into the final version of Android P; just look at Dark Mode. Nor am I convinced it should replace the traditional navigation bar. But as someone whos been fond of gesture navigation since the Palm Pre, Id be happy to see it return as an optional configuration. With Google I/O coming up in a few weeks, it likely wont be long until this mystery is resolved. DNS over TLS support in Android P Developer Previewon Android Developers