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OnePlus’ new headphones use magnets to pause playback

Music stops when you snap the Bullets Wireless buds together, and resumes when you separate them. OnePlus didn't just have a new flagship phone to unveil today -- it's also got new Bluetooth headsets for its fans. The Bullets Wireless are $70 earphones that have magnetic buds that snap together to prevent tangles. When paired with a OnePlus 5/5T or 6, they also pause and resume music playback when stuck together and pulled apart, respectively. In the future, the company says it will add the ability to answer calls by unclipping the buds. This isn't the phone maker's first stab at making headphones, of course. In 2016, it released the Icon earbuds, and has two pairs of Bullet wired earphones. The Bullet Wireless is its first wireless option, although they're not truly wireless -- the two buds are still connected by a cable that wraps around (behind) your neck. You just won't need to plug them into your phone. OnePlus promises about eight hours of battery life for the Bullets Wireless, but most intriguing is the support for the company's fast charge technology that should get you "five hours of continuous audio from 10 minutes of charging. " I especially like that fast charge here is compatible with any international standard USB-C cable -- you don't have to use the company's special Dash charger like you do with the existing OnePlus phones. The magnetic buds did a good job of keeping the Bullets Wireless from tangling up during my brief hands-on time with it. I wish there were a way to adjust the length of the cables so I could put the remote control in a more accessible spot, though. It hangs right by my jaw, and when reaching up for it I almost always knock the earbud out of my ear. Still, I enjoyed wearing the aluminum device as a faux necklace for a bit, and it's not a bad looking thing. The black-and-red aesthetic is subtle yet stylish when you look closely at the buds, and I'm thankful for its weather resistance (although OnePlus doesn't clarify the standard). We can't discuss sound quality yet, unfortunately, nor any of the features like the magnetic triggers or launching Google Assistant by long pressing the play button. But if you already know you want the Bullets Wireless either way, it'll be available in early June on If you're concerned that the wireless headphones means the company is taking the headphone jack away, don't worry -- the OnePlus 6 still has the 3.5mm audio port. Phew!

OnePlus’ Bullets Wireless headphones don’t tangle and can fast-charge

OnePlus is accompanying its new phone launch today by also releasing its first pair of wireless headphones, called the Bullets Wireless. Yes, they support USB-C fast charging, are Google Assistant-integrated, weather-resistant, and use the AptX codec for better Bluetooth audio quality, but theyre not the truly wireless in-ear wireless buds you mightve been expecting. Regardless, they have specs that might make them great wireless headphones. On paper, OnePlus claims you can get five hours of usage from ten minutes of charging, or top it off for eight hours of battery. The buds themselves are milled from aluminum, but more importantly, OnePlus ensured you can magnetically snap them to each other to avoid tangles. Also, if you have a OnePlus 5 / 5T or 6, clipping the Bullets Wireless together will pause music, while unclipping will resume; an update is in the works to add phone call support. OnePlus marketing jargon for Bullets Wireless includes the term energy tubes. Essentially, they reduce reverberations within the wires, better isolating and stabilizing sounds. Their intended outcome is to produce clearer, richer audio. Vlad Savov, The Verges resident audiophile will be reviewing the Bullets soon and is already a fan of the audio quality. The OnePlus Bullets will be available by the end of June, for $69 / €69 / £69, directly from OnePlus online store.