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Fortnite fans are furious at Sony for ruining their handheld dreams

Sony is blocking Fortnite cross-play and progression between the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, and Fortnite fans are furious. Hundreds of Fortnite fans are reacting angrily on the Resetera forums and Reddit after learning that you cant use a Fortnite account thats been used on the PS4 with the Nintendo Switch. This means that any progress, skins, and purchases cant be shared between PS4 and Nintendo Switch, so the dream of playing Fortnite at home on a PS4 and then using the same account on the go on Nintendo Switch is truly dead. This Fortnite account is associated with a platform which does not allow it to operate on Switch, explains a message on the Switch version of the game if you attempt to log in with an Epic Games account that has been used on the PS4. While there are options to decouple a PlayStation account from an Epic Games account, Fortnite players are warning that this doesnt fix the problems. It appears the only option for PS4 players wanting to use the Nintendo Switch Fortnite version is to create a new Epic Games account. Fuck you, Sony, says one commenter on Resetera. Because I played on a PS4 (on an account that I mainly play on PC, and is cross-platform compatible with the Switch), I cant play on Switch. I would gladly un-link my PS4 from my account if it meant I could play on Switch. Another over on Reddit describes Sony holding Fortnite skins hostage in 2018 as an actual joke. Reddit PlayStation fans are appealing to Sony to change its mind, and the replies to Sony on Twitter show the frustration is boiling over. Greg Miller at Kinda Funny is equally annoyed by Sonys move, while Microsofts Xbox UK account is making light of the situation. . @PlayStation, fix this. Not allowing me to sign-in to Fortnite Switch with my Epic account because it's linked to PS4 is tone deaf and points more to fear than market dominance. It does the opposite of what you want -- it makes me think about moving to Xbox for Fortnite. Fortnite fans have every right to be angry about this messy situation; its anti-consumer and comes from an arrogant position of market dominance in the current-gen console market. Sony is selling a lot of PlayStation 4 consoles, and its exploiting that advantage to block any threats to it selling more. This isnt the first time Sony has blocked cross-play and progression, either. Microsoft revealed back in March that Sony has been blocking Fortnite cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One, and Sony has previously blocked cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One for both Rocket League and Minecraft, despite Microsoft and Nintendo both supporting it across Xbox One, PC, and Switch. Sonys prior excuses for blocking PlayStation and Xbox cross-platform play have been hostile and stupid, and the company has not commented on the reasons behind the Xbox One and Switch Fortnite block. The reaction to the latest Nintendo Switch block has been particularly fierce, though, and Sony might finally be forced to explain to gamers why the company that says its for the players isnt letting people play the way they want.

'Fortnite' for Switch doesn't support PlayStation-linked accounts

Sony's ban on cross-platform play now hurts you even on the road. If you're like many gamers, you rushed to download Fortnite for Switch as soon as it came out -- finally, console-quality battle royale on the road! You may be in for a crushing disappointment if you play on PS4, though. Players have discovered that the Switch version of Fortnite dosn't let you sign in with an Epic Games account linked to PSN, while Switch-first players can't sign in to the PS4 version. Sony's ban on cross-console play appears to be the likely reason, but it's particularly irksome here as this doesn't involve gameplay -- Sony won't even let you carry progress over to a competing product. Epic has since confirmed to TechCrunch that both cross-platform play and progression on the Switch work with everything except the PS4. We've also asked Sony for its take. It's not entirely shocking that Sony might put up barriers to playing on both the PS4 and the Switch, as it's clearly the dominant console maker and can use this to cement its position. However, this restriction may be more grating than most. The Switch version of Fortnite can offer portable gaming that a PS4 simply can't. Provided Sony is responsible, it's effectively dictating where you're allowed to play using your main account (assuming the iPhone version won't cut it), not just your choice of device. That may produce the opposite of Sony's intended effect by spurring Switch owners to either play on Nintendo's system instead of the PS4, or else to get an Xbox One for their living room sessions. . @PlayStation, fix this. Not allowing me to sign-in to Fortnite Switch with my Epic account because it's linked to PS4 is tone deaf and points more to fear than market dominance. It does the opposite of what you want -- it makes me think about moving to Xbox for Fortnite.