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These are the logos the Trump campaign is offering the Space Force

We take a look at the logos, some of which seem pretty familiar. The Army has its star, the Marines a globe and anchor. But the decision on what logo to give the proposed Space Force may well be left up to donors to President Trump's political action committee. On Thursday, it sent out an email to supporters asking them to vote on six different logos for this potential new branch of the US military. Earlier on Thursday morning, Vice President Pence confirmed that the administration is, in fact, serious about creating a sixth branch of the military. In a speech at the Pentagon, Pence argued that the nation needs to assert dominance over space and that adversaries—China and Russia to be precise —are already militarizing Earth orbits. Many questions remain to be answered about the Space Force, the latest being: who designed these logos? The first option bears more than a little resemblance to the NASA logo but with a different but still NASA-like typeface, at least to this observer. Option three looks a lot like it belonged to Action Force, a line of toys from the 1980s—that actually included a Space Force—that were a British equivalent to GI Joe. Choice number four suggests to me both the mission patch from STS-1 (the first Space Shuttle mission) and the logo of the Light Car Company Rocket, a distinctive little sports car that was designed by Gordon Murray. I'm actually rather partial to logo number five, which takes me back to the early Cold War and the slick marketing posters put out by the aerospace industry. The final design might be the most out-there, proclaiming "MARS AWAITS;" perhaps the inspiration here were the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's recent " Visions of the Future" tourism posters. We'll have to wait to see if a Space Force is really set up before we'll know if any of these six designs will actually be adopted as its logo. But it seems certain that merchandise bearing these images will be available in return for a donation to the Trump campaign in the near future.

Trump’s PAC wants to know which Space Force logo you like best

This morning, Vice President Pence detailed the administrations plans to create a Space Force, and now the Trump PAC wants to know which logo to use for the new branch of the military. The Trump Make America Great Again Committee emailed supporters today asking them to vote on six different Space Force logos. The plan is to create a new line of gear based on one of the designs. All six are stylized like the traditional mission patches that accompany most space launches. One of them seems to be the NASA logo but red and yellow. Another proclaims Mars Awaits, though the Space Force really has nothing to do with Mars. Instead, its about reorganizing the way the military procures satellites and trains personnel. The Trump/Pence PAC is already trying to monetize the Space Force: "As a way to celebrate President Trumps huge announcement, our campaign will be selling a new line of gear. " Space Force has quickly become a major part of the Trump brand, and it looks like it will have its own line of merchandise akin to the Make America Great Again hats. Graphic designers have already thought about what the organizations branding could look like. Its a peppy way to commemorate a new bureaucratic reshuffling of the Defense Department. These badges seem more like merch than an official logo for a new branch of the military. Well have to keep waiting for that.