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Red Dead Redemption 2’s new trailer is six minutes of pure gameplay

Rockstars open-world Western is only a couple of months away, but were only now getting a better look at what youll actually do in the game. Given its pedigree, it might not surprise you to hear that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be huge — Rockstar is touting this as its most immersive and detailed game yet. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a prequel starring Arthur Morgan, the leader of a group turned into outlaws following a failed bank robbery. Youll be traveling across America in 1899, avoiding the feds through environments that include cities, deserts, swamplands, and snowy mountains that will be full of predators, prey, and scavengers. And yes, John Marston will be there, as this is the same gang that made him into an infamous gunslinger. Rockstar says that youll be able to get to know the whole crew as the game will let you to talk to any member at any time — and theyll give you things to do, such as missions. You can even take people out on specific activities with you, such as fishing and hunting, and you can also play a variety of games with them. It seems that Rockstar wants to make bonding a big part of Red Dead Redemption II. As a roaming gang, your hub will be a camp that will need to be supplied with such as food and money. Unsurprising, then, that youll be able to stage robberies, though Rockstar claims that the game will give you plenty of non-violent interactions with the world as well. You can apparently talk to anyone in the game, and your options will vary depending on the context (in the video you see buttons for actions such as greet, antagonize, defuse, stop witness, threaten, dismiss, beat, and rob.) You can do everything from praise or scold a dog, to hold up stage coaches, and your choices will grant you honor that will affect the way people see you in the game. Characters will remember if you kill people they care about. Dead Eye, the gameplay mechanic that allows players to slow down time and line up shots, is also back, and the close-quarters combat system has been revamped. Guns are apparently more realistic when it comes to recoil and reloading. Also, if you wound an animal theres a chance theyll start getting away, in which case youll have to track them down, old-school. Special attention has been given to horses this time around, which will all have varying temperaments, likes and dislikes. Youll be able to feed and groom your horse, and over time, your bond will grow closer. The more experience you build up with a horse, the better stats it will have — and the easier itll be to calm it down should it ever become scared. Red Dead Redemption II releases on October 26th, 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One, making it Rockstars first new game developed for current platforms.

Rockstar reveals first Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay details

Talk yourself into, out of trouble as part of a camp of outlaws on the run. After nearly a year of vague, story-focused trailers, Rockstar released a video this morning showing the first gameplay footage from the anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2. The video places the focus on Arthur Morgan, a "senior gun in the Vanderling gang" that's on the run "from the pressures of civilized life." The gang will be continuously forced to flee from encroaching law enforcement and civilization, according to the video, setting up temporary remote camps where they can eat, sleep, do chores, play games, or share stories. It sounds like these camps will serve as the primary hub system for the game, where you can meet Morgan's fellow gang members and talk with them to "find new secrets, fun things to do, and opportunities for mischief." While you can still shoot pretty much everything that moves in Red Dead Redemption 2, the video highlights how "guns aren't the only way to interact with the environment." Morgan will be able to talk himself into or out of trouble with rival tough guys or law enforcement officers, escalating or diffusing situations and forming friendships or making enemies. Witnesses to crimes can be intimidated into keeping quiet, and passing riders can be engaged in conversation. On-screen prompts show options to greet, antagonize, diffuse, threaten, beat, rob, or dismiss various non-player characters, based on the situation. "Your actions have consequences" the video promises, allowing you to dictate Morgan's "honor." The full video features plenty of dramatic shots of the game's open-world setting, encompassing "mountain trails, dense forests, untamed swamplands, sweeping deserts, livestock towns, and modernizing cities. " It also includes a few more details regarding the "realistic" reload and recoil on period weapons, the ability to hunt for food and valuable animal pelts, and the necessity of bonding with your horse based on how well you treat it. But we'll have to wait for Rockstar's next info-drop video for deeper details on "missions, activities, enemy gangs, robberies, [and the] evolution of sharpshooting with the Deadeye system." The lack of hands-on previews and relative paucity of information about Red Dead Redemption 2 thus far is relatively par for the course as far as Rockstar Games releases go. So we'll take whatever drips of information the developer is willing to provide ahead of the October 26 release.