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Anchor's donation option lets podcast fans support their favorite shows

The new Listener Support feature allows monthly payments of up to $9.99. Anchor, the audio broadcast-turned-podcasting platform, has launched a new Listener Support feature that lets podcasters collect money from their fans for their efforts. Creators of any size or experience level can add a Listener Support button to their public Anchor profile, which followers can click to make a regular monthly donation of $0.99, $4.99 or $9.99. Adding the button also puts a link in the podcast notes on every app or website where it's available, so listeners can support their favorite shows from anywhere. Podcasters can cash out whenever they want, although they will be subject to a few fees. Anchor takes 4.5%, payment processing platform Stripe takes 5% plus a $0.10 processing fee per payment, and there's a $0.25 pay out fee. This will obviously sting for creators with smaller audiences, but it's cold hard cash nonetheless -- and this kind of model has already proven popular with Twitch, as well as other types of creators that use Patreon. Plus, Anchor has made it easy for fans to cough up -- donations can be made by entering payment information the usual way, as well as via Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Anchor now lets podcasters receive Patreon-style pledges from listeners

Anchors app makes it really easy to throw together a podcast. But if you keep doing that and manage to build an audience, there hasnt been an easy way to get paid for it. Now Anchor is launching an option: a feature called Listener Support that allows listeners to pledge $1, $5, or $10 per month to specific podcasts. Each podcast creator will have to individually enable the Listener Support feature. Beyond that, they and their supporters wont have a lot of options — its locked into those three pledge points and a once-per-month payment. The whole thing is very reminiscent of Patreon, which allows people to voluntarily support creators, with their bill coming once a month. Anchor will take a 4.5 percent cut of all payments, and Stripe, its payments processor, will take another 5 percent plus some flat processing and payout fees. Fortunately, podcast listeners wont have to be Anchor users to sign up. After enabling Listener Support, Anchor will automatically add a link to a podcasts show notes on all distributed platforms, which will bring people to a website where they can enter their payment information and select a pledge. While podcasters could always include ads inside of their episodes, Anchor doesnt offer a way to automatically do that or run some kind of pre-roll advertisement, like YouTube does. That means a podcast had to get big enough to find advertisers on its own, which isnt going to be possible for the vast majority of Anchors audience of startup podcasters. Asked about placing ads inside of podcasts, a spokesperson for Anchor said there is potential for additional monetization features on the platform in the future. Anchor still hasnt said how many people are creating or listening through its app. So while Anchor might offer creators an easy way to get started, its not clear how big of an audience it offers them. Last year, however, it began distributing podcasts to different platforms, which allows the platform to be used for creation without limiting shows to the apps built-in audience. Last month, Anchor launched a podcast lab in Manhattan, where podcasters can book time, for free, to come in and record a podcast with a more professional setup. While Anchor has always been about creating and listening to audio, the app only really crystalized its focus on podcasting at the beginning of the year, when it redesigned its app around creating individual shows.