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Samsung’s Fortnite exclusive will expire before the Note 9 even launches

Fortnite is making its way to Android, but not until Samsung device owners get a stab at it first... for a measly couple of days. At the Samsung Unpacked event on Thursday, the Fortnite team announced that Samsung users will be on the receiving end of an unusually short exclusive, ending well before the Galaxy Note 9 is released near the end of the month. In the next few days, the game will be made available for all other supported Android devices, so Pixel users and others wont have to wait too long to start building forts and cracking open pink llama piñatas. According to a spokesperson for Epic Games, the company has yet to disclose exactly when the Android beta will be fully released. At the event, it was announced that it would be out in the next few days, meaning it would be widely available before the Note 9 even hits the market. As of today, people who own the Galaxy S7 or any other newer device can already sign up to play. Android is the last major OS to receive the game; players on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC, iOS, and macOS have already been able to play for months. There are still some exclusives for Note 9 users, though, so dont get too disappointed. Those who play on the device when it comes out on August 24th will receive new in-game skin called galaxy. If you preorder it, youll have the opportunity to pick up an extra 15,000 V-bucks, too.

Samsung Galaxy Owners can download the Android Fortnite beta right now

Samsung users get to be the first to access the Fortnite beta on Android — a beta which begins right now. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney revealed the exclusivity deal at Samsungs Unpacked event, where the company also revealed its new Galaxy Note 9.  He also announced that Note 9 and Tab S4 users would have exclusive access to a skin called Galaxy. So do we. The announcement contradicts an earlier rumor that the beta would be exclusive to the Note 9. The game will also available to those with Notes 7, 8, and 9; S7, S7 Edge, S8+ and S9+; and Tabs S4 and S3.  According to a company spokesperson, Galaxy users will have access to the beta via the Samsung Game Launcher app on the phone. The exclusivity only lasts the for a few days.