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The OnePlus 6T won’t have a headphone jack, but it may have a bigger battery

The OnePlus 6 is one of the best Android flagship phones with a headphone jack, but its eventual successor — expected to be called the OnePlus 6T — wont have one, according to OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei. In an interview with TechRadar, Pei said the decision was justified. We found 59% of our community already owned wireless headphones earlier this year - and that was before we launched our Bullets Wireless headphones, he said. Its not that OnePlus reasoning is to go on a crusade against the headphone jack. The company wants to deliver an optimal set of features, and Pei thinks that its worth removing the 3.5mm audio jack in favor of something better: battery life. By removing the jack weve freed up more space, allowing us to put more new technology into the product, he said. To soften the blow, OnePlus is offering alternatives in the form of USB-C headphones, if you must have wired headphones with the upcoming OnePlus 6T. Of course, youll be occupying the only available port on the phone, which is far from ideal if youre low on a charge, even with the promise of better battery life. With OnePlus bowing out on headphone jacks, Samsung and LG remain as the last two globally known manufacturers with flagship phones that still have headphone jacks.

OnePlus announces super cheap USB-C earbuds

Finally! OnePlus has just announced the product that so many Android phone users have been crying out for for many months: cheap, yet high-quality USB-C earphones to replace the analog ones we can no longer use with our phones that are deprived of headphone jacks. The new OnePlus Type-C Bullets are an upgraded version of the very good Bullets Wireless that I reviewed back in 2016. The Bullets v2 were priced at $19.99, and OnePlus promises to keep the price unchanged with its new USB-C edition, while adding a few design and feature updates. The Type-C Bullets will come with a built-in Cirrus Logic DAC, which should make them compatible with most USB-C devices, including laptops and tablets. Theyll also have a built-in microphone and remote control. OnePlus says itll release the new Bullets at the same time as its next flagship, which we already know will be called the OnePlus 6T and will feature a fingerprint reader built into the display. The specific timing of the release hasnt yet been announced, but if OnePlus keeps to its traditional calendar, both the OnePlus 6T and the Type-C Bullets should be available to buy sometime this November, if not sooner.