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Snapchat enlists 20 partners to curate Our Stories from submissions

Themed collections of user generated content chosen by news publishers for viewing on and off Snapchat are the teen social networks next great hope for relevance. Today Snap launches Curated Our Stories with the help of 20 partners like CNN, Cosmopolitan, Lad Bible, and NowThis. Instead of sifting through and selecting submissions to Our Story all by itself around events, holidays, and fads, these publishers can create slideshows of Snaps about whatever they want. Theyll both be featured in Snapchat Discover that sees 75 million Our Stories viewers per month, but also on the publishers own properties thanks to Snaps embeds that have been underused since their January launch. To entice partners, Snap has built in monetization from day one, splitting revenue with publishers from ads run in the Our Stories they curate. Thats in sharp contrast to Snaps work with independent creators, where it still wont split revenue with them directly, though at least its finally connecting them with brand sponsors. Snaps head of Stories everywhere Rahul Chopra tells me that in exchange for its cut, Snap provides a content management system that publishers can use to search through submitted Snaps using a variety of filters like keywords in captions and locations. A human at Snap will also moderate Curated Our Stories to ensure nothing objectionable slips through. Snapchat shares hit all-time low as search acquisition Vurbs CEO bailsThe new revenue stream could help Snap offset its declining user count by squeezing more cash out of each user by exposing them to more content and ads, or score it new users through embedded Curated Our Stories on its partners apps and sites. Snap beat revenue expectations last quarter but it still lost $353 million, contributing to a share price decline that hit an all-time low yesterday. Snap first created Our Stories in 2014 to let people get the perspectives of tons of different attendees to music festivals and sporting matches. With time it expanded to creating college-specific Our Stories and ones of more relatable activities like enjoying Fridays. Snapchat also lets users search its publicly submitted content, but seems to have found people are too lazy or unimaginative to do it, or the uncurated content isnt high quality enough to be worth watching. The full list of publisher partners is: Brut, CNN, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, Daquan, Dodo, Harpers Bazaar, iHeart, The Infatuation, Jukin, Lad Bible, Love Stories TV, Mic, NBC News, NBC Sports, NBC, Today Show, New York Post, NowThis, Overtime, Refinery 29, Telemundo, The Tab, Viacom, Wave. TV, and Whalar. They run the gambit from traditional publishers to online news sources, and includes Snapchats Yellow startup accelerator portfolio company Love Stories TV, plus CNNs return to Discover after cancelling its daily anchored news show there. The curation possibilities are infinite. Partners could create reels of reactions to major news stories or shots from people with eyes on the ground at the scene of the action. They could highlight how people use a certain product, experience a particular place, or use a certain Snapchat creative feature. The publishers might produce daily or weekly collections around a topic or try a wide range of one-offs to surprise their viewers. You could think of it as a little bit like YouTube playlists, but cobbled together from real-time short-form submissions that might be too brief to make an impact on their own. This is the start of Snapchat crowdsourcing not only content but curation to dig out the best citizen journalism, comedy, and beauty shot on its app and turn it into easily consumable compendiums. Given that Snapchat lost three million users last quarter, it could use the help keeping viewers coming back. But like most everything it launches, if Curated Our Stories blows up, you can bet Facebook and Instagram will turn on their copying machines. Snapchats Our Story Is A Genius, Collaborative Reinvention Of The Livestream 

Snap opens up crowdsourced ‘Our Story’ content to news organizations like CNN and NBC News

Snap is expanding its crowdsourced Our Story content to its various media partners, including CNN, NBC News, and NowThis, wholl be able to draw on the user-submitted images and videos for their own Snap stories, according to a report from Deadline. Introduced back in 2015, the Our Story feature on Snapchat collects Snaps that users submit for specific categories, places, events, or topics — think a sports game or a protest rally — into a single, curated Snap story that offers a wider, on-the-ground perspective for a particular event. And now, Snap is opening that up to its partners, wholl be able to create their own Our Story topics, collect Snaps, and add their own titles, graphics, and text. The idea is to give news organizations a new place to curate user-submitted content for ongoing or breaking stories, which seems like a good fit with what people actually use Snapchat for these days. The finished Our Stories can live outside the app, too, with the option for companies to embed them on websites and other social media sites. More importantly, Snap already has a monetization system in place, which may actually encourage its partners to use the tools. Snap hasnt exactly had the best time of late, losing millions of users with its most recent redesign, but it still remains an important part of the social media world. Presumably the company is hoping that working to offer news organizations better tools will help to attract both content and users to the platform.