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LG will unveil its five-camera V40 ThinQ on October 3rd

Whether or not it's a worthy upgrade is still up in the air. It's official: LG has yet another V-series phone on the way this year. The Korean tech giant has sent invitations to a V40 ThinQ launch event on October 3rd, with a not-so-subtle "take five" reference hinting at the device's photographic skills. There aren't any other clues, but previous scoops suggested that the V40 would have three cameras on the back ( à la Huawei's P20 Pro) to provide zoom and portrait mode effects, while dual cams on the front could provide face recognition. It'd also borrow G7 ThinQ elements like a notched display, Snapdragon 845 and Google Assistant button while offering V-series features like the Quad DAC. Like before, the question is whether or not the V40 will find strong demand. LG has already released the V30 ThinQ and V35 ThinQ this year -- it'll have to convince buyers that this is a substantial upgrade over both of those models, not to mention the G7. And then, of course, there's the competition. The V40 will have to square off against some particularly fierce rivals, including the P20 Pro, Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone Xs Max. The five-camera feature may be relatively unique, but it's not necessarily enough.

LG’s five-camera V40 will be announced on October 3rd

LG announced today that it will hold an event on October 3rd to introduce the V40 ThinQ, its next flagship phone and, remarkably, LGs fourth flagship this year. The event invitation is adorned with the phrase take five, which is a little depressing as a product tagline. (It reads a little like, it took five tries to nail this.) But it actually seems to be teasing a new feature: the phone is expected to include a total of five cameras. If that happens, the V40 might be the first smartphone to include five cameras — presumably, thatd be two on the front and three on the back. While that combination would be new, those setups arent unprecedented. Huawei included a triple-camera system on the P20 Pro earlier this year, and several companies have included dual-camera systems on the front. This number of cameras allows for some fancy processing effects, but mostly, it just offers different zoom capabilities. LG has tried to set its V-series of phones apart by targeting them at people who are looking to create various types of media. While that message has muddied over time, the additional cameras could start to restore the lines focus. That said, LG still has an uphill journey to make this phone stand out. Its last V-series phone, the V35 ThinQ, was quickly forgotten after launching in June, and it had few distinctions from LGs G7, which went on sale around the same time. Now, were at least a few months out from LGs last flagship phone launch, but its not clear if LG plans to introduce something hugely different. The V40 is expected to have a Snapdragon 845 processor and a quad DAC — both things are present in LGs last flagships — though its rumored to jump up to a 6.3-inch display with a notch, which would be new.