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111848 THENEXTWEB 2018-12-6:
Microsoft Edge is officially switching to Chromium in 2019 – here’s why that’s a good thing
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111920 TECHCRUNCH 2018-12-6:
Microsoft Edge goes Chromium (and macOS)
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111855 THEVERGE 2018-12-6:
Microsoft is rebuilding its Edge browser on Chrome and bringing it to the Mac
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111428 THEVERGE 2018-12-4:
Microsoft is building its own Chrome browser to replace Edge
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111841 VENTUREBEAT 2018-12-6:
Microsoft is embracing Chromium, bringing Edge to Windows 7, Windows 8, and macOS
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111927 ARSTECHNICA 2018-12-6:
Edge dies a death of a thousand cuts as Microsoft switches to Chromium
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111866 TECHREPUBLIC 2018-12-6:
Microsoft's Edge to morph into a Chromium-based, cross-platform browser
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111908 ENGADGET 2018-12-6:
Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge browser will be available on Mac
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111592 TECHCRUNCH 2018-12-4:
Microsoft is reportedly replacing Edge with a Chromium-based browser
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111414 ARSTECHNICA 2018-12-4:
Report: Microsoft is scrapping Edge, switching to just another Chrome clone
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111938 VENTUREBEAT 2018-12-6:
Google, Mozilla, and Opera react to Microsoft’s embrace of Chromium (updated)
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111438 TECHREPUBLIC 2018-12-4:
Microsoft reportedly looking to ditch Edge for Chromium
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111948 THEVERGE 2018-12-6:
Google’s Chrome browser will get better because of Microsoft
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111540 THENEXTWEB 2018-12-4:
Microsoft is reportedly building a Chromium-based browser to replace Edge
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111943 THEVERGE 2018-12-6:
Google welcomes Microsoft’s move to Chromium, but Mozilla doesn’t
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112222 VENTUREBEAT 2018-12-7:
ProBeat: I would seriously consider using Chromium Edge
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112204 THENEXTWEB 2018-12-7:
Mozilla is deeply concerned about Microsoft killing EdgeHTML
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112208 ENGADGET 2018-12-7:
Mozilla's CEO isn't happy with Microsoft's switch to Chromium
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112071 TECHCRUNCH 2018-12-6:
Mozilla and Qualcomm are bringing a native version of Firefox to Windows 10 on ARM
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111563 ENGADGET 2018-12-4:
The Morning After: Microsoft's Chromed-out browser?
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111479 TECHCRUNCH 2018-12-4:
Google’s Flutter toolkit goes beyond mobile with Project Hummingbird
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111968 THEVERGE 2018-12-6:
Qualcomm says a native Firefox browser is coming to Windows on ARM
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111850 THEVERGE 2018-12-6:
Firefox running on a Qualcomm 8cx-powered PC feels surprisingly decent
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111488 TECHCRUNCH 2018-12-4:
Microsoft and Docker team up to make packaging and running cloud-native applications easier
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111643 TECHREPUBLIC 2018-12-5:
Surface Hub 2 and the future of Windows
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ID: 111848


Date: 2018-12-06

Microsoft Edge is officially switching to Chromium in 2019 – here’s why that’s a good thing

Its a new era for Microsoft. After dominating the early web with Internet Explorer and struggling to reach the same prominence with Edge, the company today announced it will be transitioning its browser to a Chromium-based platform in 2019. If you cant beat em, join em. Its called Hard Fork. But Microsoft doesnt just see the move as a case of giving in to the competition. By incorporating Googles Chromium into Edge on the desktop, along with other sweeping changes being announced today, the company aims to improve its browser in a way that wasnt feasible before. If you ask me, its a good thing for everyone. Compatibility is the biggest reason behind the change. Edge works well enough most of the time, sure, but with a fraction of Chromiums adoption, developers arent nearly as inclined to assure their sites work properly with Edge. And as soon as a site doesnt properly, people switch over to another browser – probably Chrome. The company had already made contributions to Chromium, such as improvements for touch-based scrolling (which used to be awful), accessibility, and compatibility with ARM devices on Windows. But now it gets to have a much larger say in Chromiums development, and in turn, the web as a whole. Moving over to Chromium has another benefit: more frequent releases. Previously, new versions of Edge were only deployed with Windows updates, leading to serious fragmentation. The only way to have the latest version of Edge was to have the latest version of Windows. Given how reluctant people can be to update their OS, it left users vulnerable to compatibility and security updates. It also made rolling out Edge a pain for IT departments. Now Microsoft will be able to deliver updates as theyre introduced to Chromium, ensuring Edge is as compatible with web standards as any other Chromium-based browser, and likely enabling Chromium extensions down the road. Microsoft also says moving to Chromium will allow them to bring the browser to other platforms – get ready for Edge on the Mac. Theres a counterargument to be made that moving to Chromium is robbing the web of already scarce diversity and competition. The move removes one of the few major Chromium alternatives left – effectively just Firefox and Safari. But on the other hand, one could argue that the competition has simply moved within Chromium, as Microsoft wrestles away some power from Google in Chromiums development. The difference is that instead of only improving its own browser, Microsofts contribution to the platform could help improve Chromium-based browsers everywhere. A rising tide raises all ships, as they say, and maybe now you wont rush to install Chrome as soon as you get a new computer. In any case, once Chromium adoption ensures the web is rendered as expected, most of the differences people care about will be on the UI and features front. Microsoft will continue to try to differentiate itself there, with things like inking, its reading features, and tight integration with Windows. The companys browser has also typically held a battery life advantage over Chrome in my experience, though its not clear if that will be dampened by the switch to Chromium. All that being said, youll have to wait a while before you can try the new Chromium-based Edge. Microsoft expects to have a build available for developers in early 2019. Stay tuned.