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112004 THEVERGE 2018-12-6:
Epic’s PC game store is live now
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111971 ENGADGET 2018-12-6:
The Epic Games Store is live
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112174 VENTUREBEAT 2018-12-6:
Epic Games Store goes live with Annapurna, Supergiant, TinyBuild titles
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111443 ARSTECHNICA 2018-12-4:
Epic undercuts Steam with new store that gives devs more money
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111396 THEVERGE 2018-12-4:
Epic Games takes on Steam with its own fairer game store
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111581 TECHCRUNCH 2018-12-4:
Fortnite-maker aims for Steam’s head with Epic Games Store
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111416 THENEXTWEB 2018-12-4:
Epic Games announces its dev-friendly Steam competitor
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112229 THENEXTWEB 2018-12-7:
Epic Games’ store is now open, promises a free title every fortnight
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112189 TECHCRUNCH 2018-12-6:
The Epic Games Store is now live
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111519 ENGADGET 2018-12-4:
Epic Games will take on Steam with its own digital store
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111448 VENTUREBEAT 2018-12-4:
Fortnite dev launches Epic Games Store that takes just 12% of revenue
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111857 ARSTECHNICA 2018-12-7:
Epic Games Store launches with extremely limited selection of games
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112157 THEVERGE 2018-12-7:
Why Epic’s new PC game store is the Steam competitor the industry needed
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112002 THEVERGE 2018-12-6:
Hades is a new game from the makers of Pyre and Transistor, and it’s out now in early access
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111999 THEVERGE 2018-12-6:
Journey headed to PC via Epic’s new Steam store rival
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112014 VENTUREBEAT 2018-12-6:
Supergiant Games shows off Hades for Epic’s new PC game store
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111851 VENTUREBEAT 2018-12-6:
Ashen: Indie action-RPG debuts on Epic Game Store and Xbox One
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112119 THEVERGE 2018-12-6:
The 13 biggest announcements from The Game Awards 2018
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111648 THENEXTWEB 2018-12-5:
Epic’s developers leave Unreal Tournament for younger, sexier Fortnite
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112285 THENEXTWEB 2018-12-8:
Here’s how a second-hand game market for digital copies should work
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112015 THEVERGE 2018-12-6:
Dark Souls-style adventure Ashen is out right now on Xbox One and PC
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112073 VENTUREBEAT 2018-12-6:
Conan game announcement coming during Kinda Funny’s December 8 showcase
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111676 ENGADGET 2018-12-5:
Epic stops work on 'Unreal Tournament' sequel because of 'Fortnite'
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112012 THEVERGE 2018-12-6:
No Man’s Sky developer Hello announces its next game, The Last Campfire
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111790 THEVERGE 2018-12-5:
Long-awaited survival game Below is out next week
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ID: 112004


Date: 2018-12-06

Epic’s PC game store is live now

Epic Games announced earlier this week that it was entering the digital game store business, and just a few days later the Fortnite developer is ready to open its marketplace. The new Epic Games Store, which will live inside the Epic Launcher app for Windows and Mac, is now live after a surprise launch in the middle of the Game Awards in Los Angeles this evening. Epic is only confirming 14 titles right now, but its first two to be available right now are high-profile ones: Ashen from developer A44 and publisher Annapurna Interactive, and an all-new game from Bastion and Transistor developer Supergiant Games called Hades. Some other big names include Gunfire Games recently released Darksiders 3 and indie classics Journey and Super Meat Boy. Heres the full list of titles: While Epic will be going up against the industry-leading Valve, which operates Steam and is the lead distributor of PC games, the Fortnite creator does have one very substantial benefit its hoping will entice game makers to release titles on its store. Breaking with the industry standard 70 / 30 percent revenue split, Epic said on Tuesday that its store would offer an 88 / 12 percent, which means it will let developers keep more revenue on each sale than any other competing game store. In addition to that, Epic is waiving its 5 percent royalty fee for all games made using its Unreal Engine, which is a huge boon for indie developers who are already squeezed for cash by paying the revenue split fee. Its far too early to tell whether Epics store will be a viable Steam competitor, or whether its favorable financial terms will bring enough developers over that consumers are willing to fragment their game libraries even further. But with its Fortnite fortunes, Epic is certainly well-off enough to make the most significant play for Steams business that the game distribution market has seen in quite some time. In addition to Epics new store, game chat app Discord also recently opened up its own digital marketplace to try and compete with Steam. Discords store, similar to Epics, is also initially focusing on indie titles.