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116534 ARSTECHNICA 2019-1-10:
Etch a Sketch lives on in browser-based Chrome Labs project
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116663 ENGADGET 2019-1-10:
Google Chrome Labs experiment is Etch A Sketch for your browser
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These Chrome tab shortcuts will help you handle your tab addiction
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DuckDuckGo: No, we’re not using browser fingerprinting to track you
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This bundle lets you build and host your own WordPress site for $50
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TIL: Firefox has a little-known feature to spare your blushes on the new-tab page
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For $41, here’s all the training you need to create websites from scratch
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Lenovo's Yoga A940 is a serious Surface Studio rival
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Share before you’re ready: Embracing vulnerability improves your work
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Fox’s The Passage is a terrific show about terrible ideas
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Rust programming language: Seven reasons why you should learn it in 2019
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WriteMapper 2 is a flexible, dead-simple desktop app for mind mapping
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This cool tool deletes the background from images so you don’t have to use Photoshop
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How to build and host your own WordPress website for just $50
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How to add remote nodes to Rundeck
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Automattic announces Newspack to help news organizations publish and monetize
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Rokid debuts Project Aurora computing interface
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Here’s how you can master SEO for just $30
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Unlimited private repositories now available to free GitHub users
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What AWS can learn from Google's roaring Kubernetes success
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A Pong table managed to wow CES 2019
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This complete Arduino starter kit is just $52 right now
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115723 VENTUREBEAT 2019-1-7:
HTC makes Firefox Reality the default browser on Vive VR headsets
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116272 ARSTECHNICA 2019-1-9:
Guidemaster: How to buy a Chromebook, plus our best picks
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115669 THEVERGE 2019-1-7:
HTC partners with Mozilla to bring Firefox’s virtual reality web browser to the Vive headset
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ID: 116534


Date: 2019-01-10

Etch a Sketch lives on in browser-based Chrome Labs project

Web a Skeb is open source and works in both desktop and mobile browsers. Everyone who remembers the Etch A Sketch slabs of yesteryear remembers how difficult it was to translate your vision onto its "magic screen," and how proud you felt upon success. Now, Google's Chrome Labs has translated that experience (quite literally) for the digital age with the fun Web A Skeb project. It's a browser-contained version of an Etch A Sketch that you can use to draw and doodle—if you can get the hang of its dials. Web A Skeb creator Rowan Merewood explained on Twitter that the goal of the project was to create Web-friendly dials. Those in Web A Skeb work just like those on the old Etch A Sketch toys, so you have to learn which direction to "turn" them in to move your strokes up and down or left and right. Currently, only cursors and mice can control the dials on desktop browsers, but greater accessibility is being considered (like using letter or arrow keys to control the dials). Finally at a shareable stage, it's my Web A Skeb PWA! Twist the knobs to draw Shake to erase Toggle through 3 effectsShow me what you create at and feel free to critique my code at Buttons at the bottom of Web A Skeb let you enter fullscreen mode, "shake" the drawing area to erase your work, and liven up the sketch with shadows and rainbows using the "fancy" and "fanciest" options. Web A Skeb isn't easy to master—not for me, at least. I haven't drawn with an Etch A Sketch in many years, so that probably didn't help my efforts. But the project successfully captures the challenging nature of the original toy, making it yet another online space in which you could lose hours of your time quite easily. Google's Chrome Labs lets developers make weird, fun, and interesting projects to show the power that a simple Web browser has. Those involved have produced things like the open source image compression tool Squoosh, the Web actor library Clooney, and Project VisBug, a Chrome extension that lets users edit webpages using design tool interactions and hotkeys. Web A Skeb is available not only in Chrome but in other desktop and mobile browsers as well. It's actually a bit easier to draw on mobile, since you can use both of your thumbs to turn the dials at the same time. Those interested can check out the source code on GitHub.