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116542 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-10:
Amazon’s IMDb launches a free streaming service, Freedive
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116858 ENGADGET 2019-1-11:
Amazon unveils ad-supported IMDb video streaming service
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116841 THENEXTWEB 2019-1-11:
Amazon’s new IMDb Freedive service streams ad-supported movies and TV shows in the US
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117129 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-14:
Sling TV rolls out free content to non-subscribers, initially on Roku
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116633 THEVERGE 2019-1-10:
IMDb has launched an ad-supported movie streaming service
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116990 ENGADGET 2019-1-14:
Sling TV debuts free streaming option on Roku
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116980 ENGADGET 2019-1-14:
NBCUniversal to launch ad-supported TV streaming service in 2020
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115917 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-7:
Plex plans to offer ad-supported movies and more premium subscriptions
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117002 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-14:
NBCUniversal announces streaming service that will be free to paid TV subscribers
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115893 ENGADGET 2019-1-7:
Tablo's newest over-the-air DVR automatically skips ads
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115883 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-7:
Roku tops 27M accounts & 24B hours streamed by end of 2018, announces more TV partners
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116450 ENGADGET 2019-1-9:
This new HDHomeRun DVR makes life easier for cord-cutters
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116187 ENGADGET 2019-1-8:
Plex may soon offer ad-supported movies and more subscriptions
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116538 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-10:
Report: Amazon to double down on gaming with a new streaming service
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116997 ENGADGET 2019-1-14:
ESPN+ adds personalized recommendations and offline viewing
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116745 VENTUREBEAT 2019-1-11:
French broadcasters yanking content off Netflix to build their own streaming service
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116124 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-7:
Tablo’s new DVR for cord cutters skips the commercials for you
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116130 THEVERGE 2019-1-8:
Tim Cook says Apple will ‘announce new services this year’
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116808 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-11:
VLC prepares to add AirPlay support as it crosses 3 billion downloads
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116570 THEVERGE 2019-1-10:
Amazon Fire TV now has ‘well over’ 30 million users
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115664 ARSTECHNICA 2019-1-7:
New Samsung Smart TVs will soon have iTunes built in, support AirPlay 2
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116391 THEVERGE 2019-1-9:
New TiVo apps will let you watch live TV on Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku boxes
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117094 THEVERGE 2019-1-14:
NBCUniversal set to launch standalone streaming service in 2020
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116839 THENEXTWEB 2019-1-11:
Amazon is reportedly building a game streaming service to rival Google and Microsoft
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116604 THEVERGE 2019-1-10:
Lincoln is integrating Tidal’s high-end streaming service into its new cars
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ID: 116542


Date: 2019-01-10

Amazon’s IMDb launches a free streaming service, Freedive

Amazons IMDb movie website today announced the launch of a free streaming service, called Freedive. The service offers viewers in the U.S. access to an ad-supported collection of TV shows like  Fringe, Heroes, The Bachelor and Without a Trace, as well as Hollywood movies like Awakenings, Foxcatcher, Memento, Monster, Run Lola Run, The Illusionist, The Last Samurai, True Romance, and others. The content is free to watch without a subscription, and can be viewed on a phone, laptop or a big screen by way of Amazon Fire TV devices. IMDb was already the home for some video content, including trailers, celebrity interviews and short-form original series such as The IMDb Show, Casting Calls, and No Small Parts. These are now being bundled into Freedive, says the company, and will remain free to watch. The new service will also feature X-Ray, the IMDb-powered service that offers details about the titles cast, crew, music, and more. Customers already rely on IMDb to discover movies and TV shows and decide what to watch, said Col Needham, Founder and CEO of IMDb, in a statement about launch. With the launch of IMDb Freedive, they can now also watch full-length movies and TV shows on IMDb and all Amazon Fire TV devices for free. We will continue to enhance IMDb Freedive based on customer feedback and will soon make it available more widely, including on IMDbs leading mobile apps. The launch comes at a time when the streaming industry as a whole is focusing more heavily on AVOD – ad-supported video-on-demand. Roku, for example, has been expanding the content available on The Roku Channel, which offers ad-supported movies, TV, news, sports, and other entertainment. Plex at CES this week also said it would launch ad-supported content this year. For Roku, the availability of free content on Roku devices may help its hardware sales business, and clearly Amazon has the same idea. However, Roku is now augmenting its free service with additional paid subscriptions. Meanwhile, Amazons Prime Channels service for cord-cutters, which consists of optional paid subscriptions to channels like HBO, Showtime, Starz, and others, is only available to Prime members. Its a bit odd for Amazon to have its TV shows and movies split up across two separate services – one from Amazon, through Prime, and another from its subsidiary IMDb. The industry knew Amazon was preparing to enter the AVOD space, it was only a matter of when. It was earlier rumored that the service would launch this past fall,  but that didnt come to pass. The new streaming service is live now at On Fire TV devices, a new icon will appear in the Your Apps & Channels row, says IMDb.