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135333 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-15:
Super Mario Maker 2 adds story mode, multiplayer, and tons of new tools
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135340 ENGADGET 2019-5-15:
'Super Mario Maker 2' has a story mode and online multiplayer
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135439 THEVERGE 2019-5-15:
Super Mario Maker 2 will have co-op play and a huge amount of new features
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135329 ARSTECHNICA 2019-5-15:
Super Mario Maker 2 news dump: Finally, Mario gets an online-versus mode
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135322 ENGADGET 2019-5-15:
Watch the 'Super Mario Maker 2' Nintendo Direct here
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135341 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-15:
Nintendo Switch Online’s vouchers turns $100 into two $60 games
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135037 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-13:
Oddworld: Soulstorm first look — An ambitious retelling of a classic anti-capitalism fable
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134984 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-13:
Rage 2 impressions — fun wins
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135743 THEVERGE 2019-5-17:
Sega’s Virtua Racing for Switch is a stunning update of a technical landmark
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135137 THEVERGE 2019-5-14:
The Overwatch Workshop is already a hit, and it could be the future of the game
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135069 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-13:
Dauntless arrives May 21 on Xbox One, PS4, and Epic Games Store
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134919 ENGADGET 2019-5-12:
'Rage 2' will receive at least two paid add-ons after launch
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135304 THENEXTWEB 2019-5-15:
Nintendo reveals surprise new Pokemon mobile game
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135248 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-14:
Blizzard boss J. Allen Brack: World of Warcraft’s past, future, and his hectic start
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135272 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-14:
The Division 2’s 8-player raid Operation Dark Hours launches May 16
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135602 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-16:
Fortnite launches an in-game John Wick bounty hunt
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135157 THENEXTWEB 2019-5-14:
Saddle up: Red Dead Online finally exits beta with massive new update
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135226 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-14:
Red Dead Online gets overhaul with new missions, poker, and fishing
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135665 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-17:
Dungeons & Dragons returns to Baldur’s Gate with Descent into Avernus
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135326 THENEXTWEB 2019-5-15:
Pay what you want and learn coding online with this bundle
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135514 THEVERGE 2019-5-16:
John Wick is officially in Fortnite
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135249 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-14:
Warcraft at 25: How Blizzard’s strategy game became a media empire
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135503 THEVERGE 2019-5-16:
Rage 2 is a big, dumb shooter that’s a lot of fun
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135161 TECHCRUNCH 2019-5-14:
VR’s most popular game is getting more features (and more expensive)
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135810 THEVERGE 2019-5-18:
Valve is making Dota 2 players pay to avoid toxic gamers
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ID: 135333


Date: 2019-05-15

Super Mario Maker 2 adds story mode, multiplayer, and tons of new tools

Super Mario Maker 2 is going to be a beefy sequel. Today, Nintendo announced a bunch of new features for the game as part of its Direct video series. Originally revealed in February, Super Mario Maker 2 is the follow-up to the popular do-it-yourself Mario game that debuted on Wii U and 3DS. Its coming to Nintendo Switch on June 28. One of the big new features is a single-player story mode, where you must help rebuild Princess Peachs castle. You do that by earning money from jobs that other characters give you — if you complete the custom Mario courses in these jobs, youll earn coins as a reward. Nintendo designed more than 100 new levels just for the story mode. The money allows you to build more sections of Peachs castle, unlocking new characters in the world as well as new jobs. The original game didnt have a story mode, so this seems like a great way to introduce players to the dozens of tools that they can use to make levels — both existing components and new ones as well. New to Super Mario Maker 2 are moving snake blocks (blocks that travel like a snake, but in straight lines), seesaws, swinging claws, on/off switches (useful for creating traps), and much more. You can also create levels that automatically scroll from left to right, adjusting both its speed and trajectory. Its possible to create hidden rooms within these scrolling levels as well. But that just covers the 2D-based levels: The process is a little different if you want to make Super Mario 3D World-inspired content. For starters, you can put Cat Mario in your levels, who comes with additional abilities like climbing walls and pouncing on enemies. Youll also have access to the Piranha Creeper (which moves along a predetermined path), crates (that players can use to make new paths), and clear pipes. One surprising feature on the 3D side of things is the Koopa Troopa Car, a go-kart like vehicle that essentially turns your creation into a one-man racing course. Riding in style. The first Super Mario Maker was a hit because it gave people a way to share and download each others levels. The sequel is no different. But this time, everything will be done through a new online hub called Course World — and youll need a subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online service to use it. You can now tag your custom Super Mario levels with different categories (like autoscroll or puzzle-solving) to help people search for specific kinds of courses.   On your online Maker profile, you can display your Mii avatar and unlock new clothing for it after completing specific objectives. And if you dont feel like playing by yourself, you can hop into one of the new Network Play options, which will match you with three other players. You can compete with others in Multiplayer Versus mode, where all four of you race through a random level to see who can beat it first. Your win/loss ratio will affect your Versus Rating number. Conversely, Multiplayer Co-op mode is about working together to finish a level — everyone wins if at least one person on your team makes it to the end. To celebrate Super Mario Maker 2s release in June, Nintendo announced a special bundle that features both the game and a 12-month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online for $70 (a $10 savings from buying them separately). If you already have a subscription, the bundle will just add another year on top of it. Finally, Nintendo also used todays Direct video to announce a new voucher program where you can get two $60 Switch games for just $100. You can use it to pre-order Super Mario Maker 2 and get a discounted Nintendo game in the process.