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135400 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-15:
VMware acquires Bitnami to bolster its app-packaging tools
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135360 TECHCRUNCH 2019-5-15:
VMware acquires Bitnami to deliver packaged applications anywhere
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135030 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-13:
Webscale raises $14 million to help ecommerce companies manage their cloud
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135651 TECHCRUNCH 2019-5-16:
Replex gets $2.45M seed round to help track cloud native spend
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135391 TECHREPUBLIC 2019-5-15:
5 best on-premises cloud storage options
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135259 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-13:
WekaIO raises $31.7 million to develop file systems optimized for AI and technical workloads
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135464 TECHCRUNCH 2019-5-15:
BookingBug relaunches as JRNI, as founder Shoosmith switches to chief architect role
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135116 TECHCRUNCH 2019-5-14:
New Relic takes a measured approach to platform overhaul
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135153 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-14:
Unravel raises $35 million to manage and optimize big data apps
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135470 TECHCRUNCH 2019-5-15: wants to bring order to service meshes with centralized management hub
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135588 TECHCRUNCH 2019-5-16:
OpenFin raises $17 million for its OS for finance
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135580 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-16:
YSEOP and LTI Announce Strategic Partnership to Drive NLG Deployments at Global Scale
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135563 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-16:
OpenFin raises $17 million to modernize financial terminals
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135120 TECHREPUBLIC 2019-5-14:
No innovation in the cloud? Get real
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135207 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-14:
Tempo Automation raises $45 million to rapidly prototype printed circuit boards
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135186 TECHCRUNCH 2019-5-14:
Algorithmia raises $25M Series B for its AI automation platform
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135409 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-15:
Tealium raises $55 million to track your behavior on the web
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Adobe brings new Amazon and Google integrations to Magento
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135263 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-14:
DocPlanner raises $89.8 million to simplify doctor appointment bookings
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135717 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-17:
Criteria Corporation Announces Majority Growth Investment from Sumeru Equity Partners
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135238 TECHCRUNCH 2019-5-14:
Healthcare booking platform DocPlanner scores €80M Series E
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135456 TECHCRUNCH 2019-5-15:
With $12 million more in the bag, the furniture subscription service Feather heads to Los Angeles
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135466 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-15:
MainStreaming raises $6 million to improve online game broadcasts
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Sony and Microsoft, kissing in a tree, working on AI and cloud technology
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135057 TECHCRUNCH 2019-5-13:
Mailchimp expands from email to full marketing platform, says it will make $700M in 2019
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ID: 135400


Date: 2019-05-15

VMware acquires Bitnami to bolster its app-packaging tools

San Francisco-based virtualization company VMware today revealed that it intends to acquire Y Combinator graduate Bitnami, an app packing solutions provider, for an undisclosed sum. The two companies confirmed the deal in coordinated press releases this morning. We realized that if we wanted to continue to grow we would have to raise money, as building an enterprise salesforce is not easy to do when you are bootstrapped, wrote CEO Daniel Lopez and cofounder Erica Brescia in a blog post. As part of the fundraising process, we were approached by several vendors in the space to make strategic investments or, in some cases, join forces. While this was not our original goal, as part of the conversations that we had during this process, we realized that VMware would be the ideal partner for us. VMware says it will remain committed to maintaining the partnerships Bitnami currently has with major cloud service providers after the deals close. For its part, Bitnami says it will continue to develop and maintain its app catalog across all the platforms it supports and expand to additional ones in the near future. Upon close, we will continue to invest in Bitnamis suite of products and projects, as well as help[ing] our customers to build and deploy applications more quickly and easily, wrote VMware general manager of cloud services Milin Desai and general manager of cloud-native applications Paul Fazzone in a blog post. Further, Bitnami will be able to augment our existing efforts to deliver a curated marketplace to VMware customers that offers a rich set of applications and development environments, in addition to infrastructure software. Specifically, VMware plans to leverage Bitnamis expertise and automated updating, packaging, and deployment tools to deliver validated solutions to customers in multiple clouds, formats, and marketplaces. Moreover, Bitnami hopes to simplify acquisition and commerce across clouds, extending to open source software vendors who offer paid versions of their software. We are committed to maintaining the deep partnerships that Bitnami currently has with major cloud service providers today after close, wrote Fazzone and Desai, [a]nd we plan to continue to drive rich content to their marketplaces to enable the best experience for our mutual customers. This will also be an opportunity for VMwares existing … partners to provide Bitnamis application content to their end customers and deliver value beyond infrastructure to help their customers with their respective digital transformation journeys. For the uninitiated, Bitnami provides a suite of validated app packages that enable developers to quickly build services in a range of formats in clouds, including virtual machines, containers, and Kubernetes helm charts. Fazzone and Desai noted that Bitnamis catalog boasts millions of click-to-deploy applications and development stacks for major cloud and Kubernetes environments. Our mission at Bitnami is to make awesome software available to everyone, everywhere. There is a lot of great software out there, much of it open source, that is out of reach of many developers and system administrators because it is too complex to set up and maintain, said Lopez and Brescia. We cannot think of a better way to continue their contributions and career growth than as part of VMware, an industry leader.