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135474 TECHCRUNCH 2019-5-15:
Twitch Prime adds its first non-gaming ‘loot’ with access to anime streaming service Crunchyroll
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135431 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-15:
Twitch Prime subscribers get 30 free days of Crunchyroll anime service
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135551 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-16:
TuneMoji plugs musical GIFs into Twitch livestreams
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135007 ENGADGET 2019-5-13:
Twitch streamers can soundtrack shows with Anjunabeats' dance tunes
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135721 TECHCRUNCH 2019-5-17:
Winter is coming for HBO NOW subscriber growth
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134909 TECHCRUNCH 2019-5-12:
Hotstar, Disney’s Indian streaming service, sets new global record for live viewership
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135827 THEVERGE 2019-5-18:
GameStop is discounting games, consoles, accessories, and more today
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135708 TECHCRUNCH 2019-5-17:
As Quibi reportedly seeks another $1 billion, Fiction Riot fills the programming slate for its rival service
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134947 ENGADGET 2019-5-13:
WarnerMedia may stream show debuts before they reach TV
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134939 TECHCRUNCH 2019-5-13:
Walmart announces next-day delivery on 200K+ items in select markets
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135059 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-13:
Unikrn launches new ways to wager on esports and streamer play
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135466 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-15:
MainStreaming raises $6 million to improve online game broadcasts
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135735 TECHCRUNCH 2019-5-17:
Australia’s design unicorn, Canva, picks up two free image-sharing services, and launches new photo product
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134919 ENGADGET 2019-5-12:
'Rage 2' will receive at least two paid add-ons after launch
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135095 ARSTECHNICA 2019-5-14:
Dealmaster: Get an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K for $35 if you have Prime
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135448 TECHCRUNCH 2019-5-15:
Tencent’s mixed bag for Q1: record profit despite weakest revenue growth yet
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135061 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-13:
Discord crosses 250 million users as it hits 4-year anniversary
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135445 THEVERGE 2019-5-15:
What does it cost to compete with Disney and Netflix? Quibi bets $2 billion
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135195 THEVERGE 2019-5-14:
AT&T will pull popular shows like Friends from streaming competitors, says CEO
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135828 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-18:
Overwatch’s anniversary event returns on May 21
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135456 TECHCRUNCH 2019-5-15:
With $12 million more in the bag, the furniture subscription service Feather heads to Los Angeles
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135251 THEVERGE 2019-5-14:
Where will The Office, Friends, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Supernatural be in five years?
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135500 VENTUREBEAT 2019-5-16:
PUBG Mobile passes 100 million monthly active players, launches season 7 battle pass
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135553 TECHCRUNCH 2019-5-16:
Rivals in gaming, Microsoft and Sony team up on cloud services
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134981 ENGADGET 2019-5-13:
iOS 12.3 is out now with overhauled TV app
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ID: 135474


Date: 2019-05-15

Twitch Prime adds its first non-gaming ‘loot’ with access to anime streaming service Crunchyroll

Twitch Prime, the game streaming services version of Amazon Prime, has typically focused on offering subscribers free loot and other game-related perks since its debut a few years ago. Now, thats changing. Twitch Prime is today rolling out its first-ever non-gaming loot — a 30-day subscription to the anime streaming service Crunchyroll Premium. Crunchyroll is a top destination for watching anime online, with more than 45 million registered users and 2 million paying subscribers who usually pay $7.99 per month for its Premium tier. The services library includes more than 1,000 series and 30,000 episodes. And the wider Crunchyroll brand includes things like mobile games, events, merchandise and more. The two companies, Twitch and Crunchyroll, already had a long-term relationship before today. For the past two years, Crunchyroll made the game streaming site the exclusive live streaming home to its annual Anime Awards show, for example, and it operates its own Twitch channel. This past year, Twitch also streamed an exclusive pre-show anime marathon where more than 1.3 million online viewers watched a collective nearly 19 million minutes. The official Twitch stream of the Anime Awards show also reached nearly half a million unique viewers. Given the Twitch audiences clear interest in anime, a partnership that could potentially convert some of those fans to paying subscribers makes sense for Crunchyroll. Meanwhile, for Twitch, the move serves as a way to test expanding Twitch Prime offers to a new category — free trials of subscriptions. The larger subscription market is booming, with some saying how everything from transportation to entertainment to groceries will eventually become subscription-based. Helping those companies reach Twitchs younger demographic — and specifically those who are already paying for a subscription with Twitch itself — could help a service boost sign-ups. While most streaming subscriptions today offer a free trial to interested users, smaller players often still struggle with discovery amid a growing number of new entrants on the market ranging from live TV services to video-on-demand and, soon, to big-name newcomers like Apple TV+ and Disney+, for example. Twitch and Crunchyroll declined to say what sort of revenue share would take place if Twitch Prime members elect to continue with a paid subscription when the free month wrapped. While we constantly focus on delighting Crunchyroll fans, we also feel its our responsibility to continue to proliferate the popularity of anime to new audiences, said Eric Berman, head of partnerships at Crunchyroll, in a statement. We pride ourselves on working with like-minded, fan-focused partners and are excited to offer all Twitch Prime members a free pass to Crunchyroll right in time for the huge spring anime season, he added. The Crunchyroll Premium subscription offered to Twitch Prime members is twice as long as the companys free trial, and it doesnt require users to enter a credit card to take advantage of the perk.