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139344 THEVERGE 2019-6-12:
Google is ending integration between Google Photos and Drive because apparently it’s too confusing
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139283 ENGADGET 2019-6-12:
Google will stop syncing files between Drive and Photos
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139432 ARSTECHNICA 2019-6-13:
Google is ending the integration between Drive and Photos
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How to back up your Google Photos
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139620 ENGADGET 2019-6-14:
Google Pay will no longer let UK users send money to friends
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138937 VENTUREBEAT 2019-6-10:
Google Assistant launches in Waze on Android in the U.S.
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How to edit Microsoft Office files in G Suite
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Google Assistant comes to Waze navigation app
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Google shuts down Daydream VR's Play Movies & TV app
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Google just revealed the Pixel 4 on Twitter
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The new Dropbox redesign turns the app into a productivity launchpad
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Your Android phone can sign you into Google on iOS devices
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Google will work with LGBTQ+ groups on harassment policies
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Google limits content-blocking Chrome extensions that collect sensitive data
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Here’s the letter Google CEO Sundar Pichai sent to LGBTQ employees
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How to use the iCloud for Windows app
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Google takes you inside Anne Frank's childhood home with Street View
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I’ll be passing on Google’s new 2fa for logins on iPhones and iPads. Here’s why
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Week-in-Review: Google makes a losing bet, Bezos plots his space take-over
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Dropbox's big redesign makes it a lot more useful at work
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Apple’s iCloud has been a poor experience in Windows, but a new update seeks to fix that
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Google launches TensorFlow.Text library for language AI models
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Google leaks its own phone
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Hyundai self-driving deal points to industry-wide pattern
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139683 THENEXTWEB 2019-6-14:
‘YouTube recommendations are toxic,’ says dev who worked on the algorithm
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ID: 139344


Date: 2019-06-12

Google is ending integration between Google Photos and Drive because apparently it’s too confusing

Google has long offered syncing between Google Photos and Google Drive, but its putting an end to that in the name of simplicity. Weve heard feedback that the connection between these services is confusing, so next month, were making some changes to simplify the experience across Drive and Photos, Dan Schlosser and Jason Gupta, product managers for Drive and Photos respectively, wrote in a blog post today. Theres also an article for G Suite customers, since this decision affects all end users. When the change takes effect in July, photos and videos you add to Drive wont automatically appear in Photos and vice versa. Additionally, file deletions wont sync between the two. This change is designed to help prevent accidental deletion of items across products, Schlosser and Gupta wrote. Indeed, the current system provides ample opportunity for users to screw something up and unknowingly lose important photos if theyre not careful. Heres how it works as of now: Google will offer a way for people to copy images or videos from Drive over to Photos with a new upload from Drive option coming to the Google Photos website. However, youll then have two versions of the same file without any link between them. Google warns that this might cause headaches when it comes to your cloud storage, since if the copied item is original quality, itll eat up space in both places. Not great. (Photos uploaded at high quality do not count against your storage.) If you still want some content in both places, the best workaround seems to be using Googles Backup and Sync app for Windows or Mac. The company notes that items uploaded using Backup and Sync in original quality to both services will count only once towards your quota. Google stresses that nothing will be automatically deleted in July when it cuts off this cross integration. Any photos or videos from Drive in Photos that you have uploaded prior to this change will remain in Photos. If you have a Google Photos folder in Drive, it will remain in Drive, but will no longer update automatically, Schlosser and Gupta said. But this shift is still likely to inconvenience some people. For example, say you like the peace of mind of retaining a physical backup of your Google Photos library through that synced Drive folder on your PC. Well, that just wont be an option anymore. This might spell trouble for those of you with elaborate workflows to keep photos synced across various services and cloud platforms.