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139347 THEVERGE 2019-6-12:
Bird just bought its way into San Francisco by purchasing scooter rival Scoot
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139313 ENGADGET 2019-6-12:
Bird's purchase of Scoot lets it back into San Francisco
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139417 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-12:
Bird confirms acquisition of Scoot
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139676 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-14:
The electric scooter wars won’t end
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139677 THEVERGE 2019-6-14:
Lyft introduces pink-wheeled scooter that it says is better for scooter sharing
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139289 THEVERGE 2019-6-12:
Uber’s new shared scooter is bigger, tougher, and stops faster
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139308 ENGADGET 2019-6-12:
Uber upgrades its Jump scooters and bikes
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139390 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-12:
Uber’s JUMP scooters get a makeover
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139614 ENGADGET 2019-6-14:
Lyft built a scooter for sharing that's tougher and more comfortable
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139341 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-12:
Only 48 hours left for early-bird tickets to TC Sessions: Mobility 2019
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139382 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-12:
Alibaba’s Ant Financial and Hellobike team up on $145M e-bike battery JV
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139180 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-11:
72 hours left on early-bird savings for TC Sessions: Mobility 2019
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138781 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-10:
Uber rival Bolt returns to London 21 months after a TfL investigation shut it down
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139168 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-11:
Lyft deploys its pink-wheeled bikes and rebrands Ford GoBike as Bay Wheels
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138875 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-10:
Four days left to save $100 on TC Sessions: Mobility 2019
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139466 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-13:
24 hours left to score early-bird tickets for TC Sessions: Mobility 2019
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139718 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-14:
Last day to save $100 on tickets to TC Sessions: Mobility 2019
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139300 THEVERGE 2019-6-12:
Transport app Citymapper gives up on reinventing the bus
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139335 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-12:
Citymapper is shutting down its efforts to reinvent the bus
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139142 VENTUREBEAT 2019-6-11:
Yandex promises 100 driverless cars on the road by 2020
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139255 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-12:
Laundry startup FlyCleaners confirms major layoffs
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139173 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-11:
Embraer’s new EmbraerX eVTOL concept is accessible, autonomous and courteous
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138955 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-10:
Workhorse gets $25 million needed to finish electric delivery van
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139178 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-11:
Uber and AT&T team up for always-on connectivity for Uber Copter and Uber Air
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139032 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-11:
Uber Air picks Melbourne as its first international launch city
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ID: 139347


Date: 2019-06-12

Bird just bought its way into San Francisco by purchasing scooter rival Scoot

Last August, San Francisco welcomed some electric scooters back into its midst, but it gave Bird (and Lime and Spin) the finger — making the city an afterthought in the scooter wars. But now, Bird has bought its way back into the city by purchasing Scoot, one of the two scooter companies that did get permits to operate in SF. So the citys last-mile mobility race may be ramping up again. A press release announcing the acquisition is calling it a strategic decision from two like-minded companies, and says that Scoot will continue to operate under its own brand as a subsidiary of Bird, presumably because it needs to in order to operate in places like San Francisco. Scoot also provides larger Vespa-sized scooters — clearly an area of interest for Bird since it announced its electric moped earlier this month. But intriguingly, Scoot riders wont just be using Scoots scooters anymore, but rather ones from Bird. Over the coming months, you will be able to find awesome Bird-built Scoots in the cities where you already scoot, and many more cities to follow. Scoot riders can expect the same great service, but now with more, better vehicles, reads part of an email sent to Scoot users today. Related We are thrilled to welcome Scoot to the Bird ecosystem and look forward to working with the Scoot team as we further scale our complementary missions – to replace car trips with micro-mobility options for all, said Travis VanderZanden, founder and CEO of Bird. Bird previously tried to get around the SF ban on its scooters by offering a $25 monthly rental service, where it would deliver the scooters instead of leaving them lying around the city. Its also trying to sell e-scooters to entrepreneurs around the world instead of operating services everywhere all by itself. Ford purchased Spin, one of the other startups that was excluded from San Francisco, for $100 million last November. Uber just revealed a new scooter today for its previously purchased subsidiary Jump, and Lyft rolled out its own shared electric scooters in Denver last September. Update, 5:09PM ET: Added that Scoot users may be riding Bird-built scooters in the near future.