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139394 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-12:
Argo AI is taking its new generation of self-driving vehicles into downtown Detroit
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139266 VENTUREBEAT 2019-6-12:
Argo AI reveals its third-generation driverless car
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139265 ENGADGET 2019-6-12:
Ford will test new self-driving cars in Detroit
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139221 THEVERGE 2019-6-12:
Ford will test new third-generation self-driving cars in Detroit
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139395 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-12:
Uber unveils new Volvo self-driving vehicle in a step toward robotaxi service
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138928 VENTUREBEAT 2019-6-10:
Aurora and Fiat Chrysler partner to build commercial autonomous vehicle platforms
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138680 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-9:
Fiat Chrysler partners with Aurora to develop self-driving commercial vans
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139247 VENTUREBEAT 2019-6-12:
Uber rolls out next-generation self-driving Volvo
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138991 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-11:
VW’s partnership with self-driving car startup Aurora has ended
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139425 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-12:
Hyundai takes minority stake in self-driving car startup Aurora
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139654 ENGADGET 2019-6-14:
Volvo Trucks’ autonomous vehicle is hauling goods in Sweden
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139651 VENTUREBEAT 2019-6-14:
Florida establishes a legal framework for self-driving vehicles
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139113 THEVERGE 2019-6-11:
VW breaks with Amazon-funded autonomy startup for one backed by Ford
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139091 ARSTECHNICA 2019-6-11:
Volkswagen snubs self-driving startup Aurora, eyes Ford partnership
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139142 VENTUREBEAT 2019-6-11:
Yandex promises 100 driverless cars on the road by 2020
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138817 ARSTECHNICA 2019-6-10:
How self-driving startup Aurora is wooing carmakers
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138939 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-10:
Innoviz extends funding round to $170 million to bring its lidar tech to self-driving cars
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139321 THEVERGE 2019-6-12:
Uber debuts a new self-driving car with more fail-safes
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139109 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-11:
Over 1,400 self-driving vehicles are now in testing by 80+ companies across the US
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138864 THENEXTWEB 2019-6-10:
Apple’s reportedly buying a self-driving car AI startup
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139452 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-13:
How China’s first autonomous driving unicorn Momenta hunts for data
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139444 VENTUREBEAT 2019-6-13:
Volvo’s Vera autonomous trucks will transport DFDS goods on public roads
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139454 ENGADGET 2019-6-13:
Toyota will add automatic engine shut off and auto-park to all new vehicles
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138784 ENGADGET 2019-6-10:
Mercedes’ new GLB is a small SUV that’ll seat seven
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139531 THEVERGE 2019-6-13:
Palmer Luckey’s defense firm is partnering with the UK’s Royal Marines
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ID: 139394


Date: 2019-06-12

Argo AI is taking its new generation of self-driving vehicles into downtown Detroit

Argo AI, the Pittsburgh-based autonomous vehicle startup in which Ford invested $1 billion in 2017, has expanded its testing to downtown Detroit with a new third-generation self-driving car. Argo AI is developing the virtual driver system and high-definition maps designed for Fords self-driving vehicles. The third-generation self-driving vehicle is still based on a Ford Fusion Hybrid like its previous test cars. This latest iteration has a number of mechanical, sensing, compute and software upgrades that will take the company a step closer to production specification. Importantly, these vehicles also have redundant braking and steering systems that help maintain vehicle motion control in case one of the units stops functioning. The new cars are equipped with an upgraded sensor suite, including new sets of radar and cameras with higher resolution and higher dynamic range, as well as a new computing system that has better processing power and improved thermal management systems, according to Argo AI co-founder and president Peter Rander. This third-generation vehicle is being used in all the cities in which Argo is testing. Argo AI does much of its testing in Pittsburgh, where its based. The company is also testing its autonomous vehicle technology in Austin, Miami, Palo Alto, Washington, D.C. and Dearborn, Mich. This latest expansion brings Argos test vehicles to Detroit, specifically Corktown and sections of downtown around Campus Martius Park. Corktown is the center of Fords electric and autonomous vehicles business plan. The automaker will spend the next several years transforming at least 1.2 million square feet of space in Corktown and ultimately a mobility corridor, which ties hubs of research, testing and development in the academic hub of Ann Arbor to Fords Dearborn headquarters, and finally to Detroit. Ford plans to spend $4 billion through 2023 under an LLC thats dedicated to building out an autonomous vehicles business. Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC will house the companys self-driving systems integration, autonomous-vehicle research and advanced engineering, AV transportation-as-a-service network development, user experience, business strategy and business development teams. The $4 billion spending plan includes the $1 billion investment in Argo AI.