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139395 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-12:
Uber unveils new Volvo self-driving vehicle in a step toward robotaxi service
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139321 THEVERGE 2019-6-12:
Uber debuts a new self-driving car with more fail-safes
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139247 VENTUREBEAT 2019-6-12:
Uber rolls out next-generation self-driving Volvo
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139170 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-11:
Uber adds another air taxi vehicle partner to the mix
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139394 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-12:
Argo AI is taking its new generation of self-driving vehicles into downtown Detroit
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139266 VENTUREBEAT 2019-6-12:
Argo AI reveals its third-generation driverless car
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139174 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-11:
Uber says its flying taxi service will be cheaper than owning a car
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138991 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-11:
VW’s partnership with self-driving car startup Aurora has ended
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138817 ARSTECHNICA 2019-6-10:
How self-driving startup Aurora is wooing carmakers
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139154 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-11:
This is what it looks like inside an Uber Air vehicle
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139030 THEVERGE 2019-6-11:
Uber’s air taxis will resemble really nice helicopters on the inside
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139651 VENTUREBEAT 2019-6-14:
Florida establishes a legal framework for self-driving vehicles
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139535 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-13:
Uber’s annual flying taxi summit reveals Uber Air has a ways to go
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139654 ENGADGET 2019-6-14:
Volvo Trucks’ autonomous vehicle is hauling goods in Sweden
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139178 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-11:
Uber and AT&T team up for always-on connectivity for Uber Copter and Uber Air
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139221 THEVERGE 2019-6-12:
Ford will test new third-generation self-driving cars in Detroit
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139142 VENTUREBEAT 2019-6-11:
Yandex promises 100 driverless cars on the road by 2020
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138680 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-9:
Fiat Chrysler partners with Aurora to develop self-driving commercial vans
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138928 VENTUREBEAT 2019-6-10:
Aurora and Fiat Chrysler partner to build commercial autonomous vehicle platforms
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139265 ENGADGET 2019-6-12:
Ford will test new self-driving cars in Detroit
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139032 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-11:
Uber Air picks Melbourne as its first international launch city
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139444 VENTUREBEAT 2019-6-13:
Volvo’s Vera autonomous trucks will transport DFDS goods on public roads
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139398 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-12:
Uber will start testing Eats drone delivery
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139452 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-13:
How China’s first autonomous driving unicorn Momenta hunts for data
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139491 ARSTECHNICA 2019-6-13:
Hyundai self-driving deal points to industry-wide pattern
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ID: 139395


Date: 2019-06-12

Uber unveils new Volvo self-driving vehicle in a step toward robotaxi service

Uber Advanced Technologies Group unveiled Wednesday a new generation of self-driving Volvo XC90 SUVs that are designed and built to be fully driverless, a critical milepost for the company as it inches toward deployment of a robotaxi service. Volvo and Uber have developed several prototypes since entering into a joint engineering partnership in September 2016. Previous generations of vehicles were not built with full autonomy in mind, meaning a human safety driver had to be behind the wheel. This new third-generation vehicle presented at Uber Elevate Summit has steering and braking systems designed for computer, rather than human control, as well as a new array of sensors atop and built into the vehicle. Its an important step as well as a revelatory one that shows the companys previous iterations never had a chance to become truly driverless because they lacked these critical backup systems. The vehicle has redundancies such as fail operational braking, steering and backup power built into the Volvo base vehicle on the manufacturing line, basic requirements if Uber ever hopes to pull the human safety driver out of the car. If any of the primary systems should fail for some reason, the backup systems immediately act to bring the car to a stop. By the middle of the next decade we expect one-third of all cars we sell to be fully autonomous, Volvo Cars president and CEO Håkan Samuelsson said in a statement. Our agreement with Uber underlines our ambition to be the supplier of choice to the worlds leading ride-hailing companies. Uber ATG still has work to do before it reaches that driverless vehicle goal. Uber resumed in December on-road testing of its self-driving vehicles in Pittsburgh, nine months after the company halted its entire autonomous vehicle operation after one of its vehicles struck and killed pedestrian Elaine Herzberg in the Phoenix suburb of Tempe. Uber ATGs plan is to begin with small geographies of cities, starting with Pittsburgh, and expand that area over time. The company is eyeing other cities. Uber ATG is collecting manual data in Toronto and California, but its not testing the self-driving vehicles there just yet. Uber ATGs goal is to test its self-driving vehicles on public roads in both areas once it receives proper permits. The next-generation vehicles will begin to come into Uber ATGs existing fleet in higher quantities in 2020. The company says it wont completely replace its existing fleet of older vehicle because they still provide valuable testing and data collection.