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139396 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-12:
Spotify launches ‘Your Daily Drive,’ a personalized playlist that combines music and podcasts
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139268 THEVERGE 2019-6-12:
Spotify mimics the radio with a news and music playlist for drivers
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139661 ENGADGET 2019-6-14:
Spotify continues to expand its lineup of podcast exclusives
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139573 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-13:
Spotify’s redesign simplifies navigation and highlights podcasts for its subscribers
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139691 THENEXTWEB 2019-6-14:
Praise (insert preferred deity), Spotify finally has a podcast tab
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139477 THEVERGE 2019-6-13:
Spotify’s officially separating podcasts and music in premium users’ libraries
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139558 THEVERGE 2019-6-13:
How to find your downloaded music in Spotify
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139424 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-12:
We won’t be listening to music in a decade according to Vinod Khosla
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139482 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-13:
Spotify outage not related to today’s update, company is working on a fix
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138937 VENTUREBEAT 2019-6-10:
Google Assistant launches in Waze on Android in the U.S.
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138928 VENTUREBEAT 2019-6-10:
Aurora and Fiat Chrysler partner to build commercial autonomous vehicle platforms
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139091 ARSTECHNICA 2019-6-11:
Volkswagen snubs self-driving startup Aurora, eyes Ford partnership
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139221 THEVERGE 2019-6-12:
Ford will test new third-generation self-driving cars in Detroit
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139460 THENEXTWEB 2019-6-13:
Here are the best iOS 13 features you missed
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139469 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-13:
Lightspeed Venture Partners doubles its growth practice
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139623 ENGADGET 2019-6-14:
The official 'Red Dead Redemption 2' soundtrack arrives July 12th
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139247 VENTUREBEAT 2019-6-12:
Uber rolls out next-generation self-driving Volvo
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139142 VENTUREBEAT 2019-6-11:
Yandex promises 100 driverless cars on the road by 2020
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138932 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-10:
HBO cancels daily news show ‘Vice News Tonight’
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139266 VENTUREBEAT 2019-6-12:
Argo AI reveals its third-generation driverless car
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139265 ENGADGET 2019-6-12:
Ford will test new self-driving cars in Detroit
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139294 THEVERGE 2019-6-12:
Amazon’s new Echo Dot Kids Edition comes in blue or rainbow colors
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139416 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-12:
Krisp’s smart noise-cancelling gets official release and pricing
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139394 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-12:
Argo AI is taking its new generation of self-driving vehicles into downtown Detroit
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138696 TECHCRUNCH 2019-6-9:
Original Content podcast: Netflix’s ‘Always Be My Maybe’ is a surprisingly sweet romantic comedy
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ID: 139396


Date: 2019-06-12

Spotify launches ‘Your Daily Drive,’ a personalized playlist that combines music and podcasts

Recently, Spotify was spotted testing a new personalized playlist called Your Daily Drive, which included both music and podcasts. Today, the company is officially launching this playlist in the U.S. in an effort to better cater to commuters who spend 70 billion collective hours behind the wheel, the company says. The playlist includes the music you already like along with other recommended tracks — the latter similar to its flagship playlist Discover Weekly — as well as podcast news updates from The Wall Street Journal, NPR and PRI (Public Radio International.) Specifically, it plays NPR News Now, WSJ Minute Briefing, and The Daily. It may also intersperse this mix with timeless music classics on occasion, the company says. The launch represents the first time Spotify has combined music and podcasts in one playlist, and is part of the companys broader efforts in growing its podcast listener base. In recent months, Spotify has invested in the podcast market through acquisitions like Gimlet, Parcast and Anchor — as well as in its programming, like the just-announced deal with Barack and Michelle Obamas production company, Higher Ground. It also hired former Condé Nast president of entertainment Dawn Ostroff to lead its content efforts. While Spotify has been talking up its plans to bring its personalization technology to podcasts, Your Daily Drive isnt an example of that just yet. Instead, Spotify is focused on mixing its personalized music with timely world updates from reputable sources, it says. This makes its news content more akin to something like Alexas Flash Briefing rather than a tool that will help you discover new podcast programming. That said, the rotation of podcasts is personalized for regular listeners. For instance, if you listen to the WSJ Minute briefing regularly, that will  play first in your rotation. In addition, like Flash Briefing and other news update services, Your Daily Drive will also refresh throughout the day with fresh content. That means your commute home wont feature the same tunes and news as your morning commute. The playlist could also offer a safer experience for those who drive, as they wont have to constantly fiddle with switching between stations, playlists or podcasts to hear music and news. Investment in the auto space is another interest for Spotify, as of late, as the company has reportedly begun testing a voice-controlled hardware device that plugs into the cars cigarette lighter/charging port. Your Daily Drive arrives at a time when competition in the podcast market has been heating up. Pandora, in particular, has made audio programming a focus following its acquisition by SiriusXM. It has recently turned its Genome classification technology to podcasts, expanded its music-and-podcasts product Pandora Stories and brought dozens of SiriusXM talk shows to Pandora as podcasts. Meanwhile, at Apples Worldwide Developer Conference this month, the company broke up iTunes into separate apps on the Mac, including a dedicated Podcasts app. It also introduced a new podcast search feature that leverages machine learning technology to index the spoken words inside podcasts. Spotify says Your Daily Drive is arriving today to listeners in the U.S. Its available from the Made for You section. A new Driving Hub for all things car is also rolling out, Spotify says.