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142971 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-11:
New Google Area 120 project Shoelace aims to connect people around shared interests
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143154 THEVERGE 2019-7-12:
Google takes another run at social networking with Shoelace
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143001 ENGADGET 2019-7-11:
Google is testing an online social network for offline meetups
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143059 THENEXTWEB 2019-7-11:
Google’s taking another crack at building a social network
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143485 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-15:
Facebook snags former Vine GM to run product for its new experimental app division, NPE Team
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143459 THEVERGE 2019-7-15:
Facebook hires former Vine head to work for new experimental app division
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143363 ENGADGET 2019-7-15:
Facebook hires former Vine head for its New Product Experimentation Team
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142697 THEVERGE 2019-7-9:
Facebook says it will launch experimental apps under NPE Team name
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142902 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-10:
Snap shares its in-house accelerator’s next 10 investments
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142650 ENGADGET 2019-7-9:
Facebook is working on 'entirely new' apps and 'experiences'
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142633 THEVERGE 2019-7-9:
Coding remix site Glitch hits 2.5 million apps
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143482 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-15:
‘The Operators’: Understanding your user – The art and science of UI/UX behind Facebook, Google, Mint, and Edmodo
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143298 ENGADGET 2019-7-13:
Niantic is shutting down Field Trip, its first app
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143023 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-11:
Google Maps now shows users discounts from nearby restaurants in India
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142672 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-9:
Glitch is bringing remix culture back to the web with a $30 million Series A round
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143056 THENEXTWEB 2019-7-11:
Tinder made a Lite app that’s 25x smaller than the original
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142899 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-10:
Revolut opens tech hub in Berlin
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143213 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-12:
Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs backs Umbrella, a community marketplace for boomers
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142576 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-9:
Cloosiv gives local coffee shops a mobile ordering experience on par with the mega chains
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143437 THEVERGE 2019-7-15:
The streamer who built a giant Starbucks island in Minecraft to connect with fans
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143070 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-11:
Swit, a collaboration suite that offers ‘freedom from integrations,’ raises $6 million in seed funding
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143158 THEVERGE 2019-7-12:
The White House social media summit was full of hypocrisy — and comedy
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142802 ENGADGET 2019-7-10:
Tinder Lite brings the dating app to countries with limited data
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142737 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-10:
Roo, is this normal? How teens are talking to a Planned Parenthood chatbot about safe sex
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143145 THEVERGE 2019-7-12:
How the biggest decentralized social network is dealing with its Nazi problem
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ID: 142971


Date: 2019-07-11

New Google Area 120 project Shoelace aims to connect people around shared interests

A new project from Googles in-house incubator, Area 120, aims to help people find things to do and others who share your same interests. Through a new app called Shoelace — a name designed to make you think of tying things together — users can browse through a set of hand-picked activities, or add their own to a map. For example, someone who wanted to connect with fellow dog owners could start an activity for a doggie playdate at the park, then start a group chat to coordinate the details and make new friends. The end result feels a bit like a mashup of Facebook Events with a WhatsApp group chat, perhaps. But its wrapped in a clean, modern design that appeals more to the millennial or Gen Z user. Like Meetup and others in the space, Shoelaces focus is not on building yet another social networking app, but rather on leveraging a social app to inspire real-world connections. This is not a novel idea.  In fact, startups many times over have tried to create an alternative to Facebook by offering tools to connect users around locations or shared interests, instead of only re-creating users established-friend networks online. And many cities today have their own social clubs designed to help people make new friends and participate in fun, local activities. Shoelace is still in invite-only testing and only offered in New York City, for the time being. However, its website says that the long-term goal is to bring the app to cities nationwide after the team learns what does and does not work. Theres also a form that will allow you to request Shoelace in your own community. Google has had a rocky history when it comes to social networking products. Its largest effort to date, Google+, finally wound down its consumer business in April. That said, Shoelace is not really a Google product — its a project built by Googlers as a part of the Area 120 incubator, where employees can experiment with new ideas full-time without having to leave the company. One of the many projects that were working on within Area 120 is Shoelace, an app that helps people meet others with similar interests in person through curated activities, a Google spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch. Like other projects within Area 120, its an early experiment, so there arent many details to share right now, they said. The app is live on Google Play and iOS (TestFlight) for those who have received an invite.