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142983 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-11:
Microsoft says Teams now has 13M daily active users
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143042 THEVERGE 2019-7-11:
Microsoft Teams overtakes Slack with 13 million daily users
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143064 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-11:
Microsoft Teams has 13 million daily active users, beating Slack
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142930 ARSTECHNICA 2019-7-11:
Microsoft Teams is now officially bigger than Slack
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143307 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-14:
Microsoft is closing down asset platform Remix 3D
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142415 ARSTECHNICA 2019-7-8:
Microsoft releases Windows 1.11 throwback app as a Stranger Things tie-in
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143456 THEVERGE 2019-7-15:
Microsoft to allow Alexa to integrate further into Windows 10
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143328 THEVERGE 2019-7-14:
Microsoft Word for Android has been installed more than 1 billion times
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143070 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-11:
Swit, a collaboration suite that offers ‘freedom from integrations,’ raises $6 million in seed funding
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143415 ARSTECHNICA 2019-7-15:
Office 365 declared illegal in German schools due to privacy risks
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143398 ENGADGET 2019-7-15:
Microsoft blocks May 2019 Windows update on the Surface Book 2
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142464 ENGADGET 2019-7-8:
Microsoft's Windows 1.0 announcement was about 'Stranger Things'
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142788 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-10:
Pipefy raises $45 million for process pipeline management software
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143060 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-11:
Microsoft launches AI for Cultural Heritage program
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142815 THEVERGE 2019-7-10:
Microsoft’s new London store is big, bold, and British
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143449 THEVERGE 2019-7-15:
German state bans Office 365 in schools, citing privacy concerns
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142891 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-10:
Vyopta Secures $7.5 Million in Series B Funding from Elsewhere Partners to Optimize Workplace Collaboration
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143057 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-11:
Microsoft launches Azure Lighthouse in general availability, updates Azure Migration Program
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142502 THEVERGE 2019-7-8:
Microsoft is slipping app ads into Android menus
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142463 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-8:
Box CEO Aaron Levie is coming to TC Sessions: Enterprise
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142989 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-11:
Microsoft’s $399 Azure Kinect AI camera is now shipping in the US and China
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142760 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-10:
Second Transform 2019 AI showcase highlights people and processes
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143008 THEVERGE 2019-7-11:
Microsoft is making Windows 10 passwordless
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143464 THEVERGE 2019-7-15:
Microsoft’s Surface Headphones drop to $190 for Amazon Prime Day
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142683 THEVERGE 2019-7-9:
Microsoft’s prototype Xbox controllers for phones look ideal for xCloud
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ID: 142983


Date: 2019-07-11

Microsoft says Teams now has 13M daily active users

Teams , Microsofts two-year-old Slack competitor, is the companys fastest-growing application in its history. Thats something Microsoft has said in the past, but for the first time, Microsoft today also announced actual user numbers for the service ahead of its Inspire partner conference next week. Teams now has 13 million active daily users, Microsoft said, and 19 million weekly active users. Microsoft also today said that Teams is now in use by 91 of the Fortune 100 companies. The company isnt afraid of putting those numbers up against Slack, which IPOed only a few weeks ago. Jared Spataro, Microsoft Corporate VP for Microsoft 365, doesnt mention Slack by name in his blog post, but the company put together a little graphic that clearly shows why it is now willing to share these numbers. The last official number from Slack is that it had 10 million daily active users in January. Without update numbers from Slack, its hard to say if Teams now has more users, but unless Slacks growth accelerated in recent months, thats probably the case. In addition to disclosing these numbers, Microsoft also announced a number of updates to Teams that range from features like priority notifications, which take the annoyance of chat notifications to a new level by pinging you every two minutes until you respond, to read receipts, new moderation and cross-posting options for Teams channels and a time clock feature that lets employees clock in and out of work shifts right from the Teams mobile apps. Because Inspire is an event for Microsoft partners, it doesnt come as a surprise that Microsoft is also launching a few new Teams features that involve its resellers and other partners. These include the ability to integrate teams with compliance recording partners like ASC, NICE and Verint Verba, as well as a contact center solution in partnership with Five9, Nice InContact and others. The most important of these announcements, though, is surely the fact that Microsoft is launching a new partner-led Teams trial (PDF) that will enable Microsoft 365 partners to offer a free six-month trial of Teams to customers on the Exchange-only or Office 365 Business plan. This will surely bolster Microsofts user numbers for Teams in the coming months, too.