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143048 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-11:
Signavio raises $177M at a $400M valuation for its business process automation solutions
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143078 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-11:
Signavio raises $177 million for business process modeling tools
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142658 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-9:
Signpost nabs $52M to help SMBs collect reviews and marketing collateral like bigger rivals
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142699 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-9:
The CapStreet Group Announces Investment in PCS Software
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142788 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-10:
Pipefy raises $45 million for process pipeline management software
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142760 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-10:
Second Transform 2019 AI showcase highlights people and processes
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143065 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-11:
OneTrust raises $200M at a $1.3B valuation to help organizations navigate online privacy rules
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142891 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-10:
Vyopta Secures $7.5 Million in Series B Funding from Elsewhere Partners to Optimize Workplace Collaboration
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142414 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-8:
Employment Hero raises over $15 million to simplify employee onboarding
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142491 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-8:
15Five raises $30.7 million for weekly employee evaluations
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142686 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-9:
Lightico raises $14.5 million to help businesses complete transactions over the phone
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143233 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-12:
WPP sells 60% of market research giant Kantar to Bain, valuing Kantar at $4B
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142625 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-9:
Signpost raises $52 million to boost local business profiles
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142780 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-10:
Kyndi raises $20 million for explainable AI that analyzes documents
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142614 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-9:
Digital Shadows raises $10 million for its business risk intelligence platform
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142756 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-10:
Lead from the top: What it takes to incorporate IoT into a legacy industry
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142538 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-8:
15Five raises $30.7M to expand its employee development toolkit
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142892 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-10:
TrustArc raises $70 million to help companies implement privacy and compliance programs
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142998 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-11:
Exyn Technologies raises $16 million for drones that map underground spaces
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143091 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-11:
OneTrust raises $200 million at $1.3 billion valuation to help companies comply with data privacy laws
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142727 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-9:
AppLovin acquires SafeDK to improve brand safety
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142530 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-8:
Uber rival Bolt has closed another tranche of funding at a $1B+ valuation
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142615 TECHREPUBLIC 2019-7-9:
How digital transformation disrupts C-suite dynamics
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143052 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-11:
Hospitality business Sonder confirms new investment, $1B+ valuation
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142509 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-8:
Virtual agents to drive $1.2 trillion in business value
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ID: 143048


Date: 2019-07-11

Signavio raises $177M at a $400M valuation for its business process automation solutions

Robotic Process Automation has been the name of the game in enterprise software lately — with organizations using advances in machine learning algorithms and other kinds of AI alongside big-data analytics to speed up everything from performing mundane tasks to more complex business decisions. To underscore the opportunity and growth in the market, today a startup in the wider segment of process automation is announcing a significant fundraise. Signavio, a company founded out of Berlin that provides tools for business process management — providing the P in RPA, as the company describes it — has picked up an investment of $177 million at what we understand is a valuation of $400 million. This round is large on its own, but even more so considering that before this the company — founded in 2009 — had only raised around $50 million, according to data from PitchBook. This latest capital injection is being led by Apax Digital (the growth equity team of Apax Partners), with DTCP. It notes that existing investor Summit Partners is also keeping a stake in the business with this deal. The company was founded by a team of alums from the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany, who used research they did there for creating the worlds first web modeler for business process management and analytics as the template for Signavios own Process Manager. (The name Signavio seems to be a portmanteau of navigating through signals, which essentially explains the basics of what BPM aims to do to help a business with its decision making.) Partly because its raised so little money, Signavio has been somewhat under the radar, but it has seen a huge amount of growth. It says that revenues in the last 12 months have grown by more than 70%, and its software is used by more than one million users across 1,300 customers — with clients including SAP, DHL, Liberty Mutual, Deloitte, Comcast and Puma. It counts Silicon Valley as its second HQ these days; that trajectory will be followed further with this latest funding: Signavio says the funding in part will be going to international expansion of the business. 10 years ago, we set out on a journey to tackle the time-consuming practices that limit business productivity, said Dr. Gero Decker, CEO and co-founder of Signavio, in a statement. This significant new investment further validates our approach to solve business problems faster and more efficiently, unleashing the power of process through our unique Business Transformation Suite. We are thrilled to welcome Apax Digital as our new lead partner, and look forward to building upon our success to date by leveraging our partners operating capabilities and global platforms for our international expansion. The other area of investment will be the companys technology suite. While BPM has been around for years as a concept — and indeed there are a number of other companies that provide tools that are compared sometimes to Signavios, such as from biggies like IBM and Microsoft through to Kissflow and others — whats interesting is how its had a surge of interest more recently as organizations increasingly start to add more automation into their IT infrastructure, in part to reduce the human labor needed for more mundane back-office tasks, and in part to reduce costs and speed up processes. Robotic process automation companies like UiPath and Blue Prism bring some of the same processing tools to the table as Signavio, although the argument is that the latter — which says it helps to mine, model, monitor, manage and maintain customers data — provides a more sophisticated level of data crunching that can be used for RPA, or for other ends. (It also works with several of the big RPA players, mainly Blue Prism but also UiPath and Automation Anywhere.) As businesses have become more global, and workforces more distributed, business processes have proliferated, and become more complex, noted Daniel OKeefe, managing partner, and Mark Beith, managing director, of Apax Digital, in a joint statement. Signavios cloud-native suite allows employees across an enterprise to collaborate and transform their businesses by digitizing, optimizing and ultimately automating their processes. We are tremendously excited to partner with the Signavio team and to support their vision. The two will also be joining Signavios board with this round.