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143050 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-11:
Microsoft’s Azure Kinect Developer Kit begins shipping in the U.S. and China
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142989 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-11:
Microsoft’s $399 Azure Kinect AI camera is now shipping in the US and China
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143057 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-11:
Microsoft launches Azure Lighthouse in general availability, updates Azure Migration Program
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143307 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-14:
Microsoft is closing down asset platform Remix 3D
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143063 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-11:
Microsoft’s Azure Data Share aims to make big data sharing easier and safer
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142415 ARSTECHNICA 2019-7-8:
Microsoft releases Windows 1.11 throwback app as a Stranger Things tie-in
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143060 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-11:
Microsoft launches AI for Cultural Heritage program
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142683 THEVERGE 2019-7-9:
Microsoft’s prototype Xbox controllers for phones look ideal for xCloud
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142983 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-11:
Microsoft says Teams now has 13M daily active users
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142815 THEVERGE 2019-7-10:
Microsoft’s new London store is big, bold, and British
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142464 ENGADGET 2019-7-8:
Microsoft's Windows 1.0 announcement was about 'Stranger Things'
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142580 TECHREPUBLIC 2019-7-9:
What does a cloud data warehouse look like?
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142637 THENEXTWEB 2019-7-9:
Microsoft may still have a streaming-only console on the drawing board
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143456 THEVERGE 2019-7-15:
Microsoft to allow Alexa to integrate further into Windows 10
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143328 THEVERGE 2019-7-14:
Microsoft Word for Android has been installed more than 1 billion times
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143085 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-11:
Lidar startup Luminar raises $100 million, unveils Iris sensors
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143002 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-10:
Apple opens app design and development accelerator in China
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142930 ARSTECHNICA 2019-7-11:
Microsoft Teams is now officially bigger than Slack
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143075 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-10:
Microsoft releases new Windows 10 preview with Your Phone, calendar, and passwordless improvements
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143077 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-11:
Venca Quadruples Conversion Rates After Implementing Syte’s Visual AI Technology
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143207 TECHREPUBLIC 2019-7-12:
How to use Microsoft's Sticky Notes in Windows 10, on the web, and on your mobile device
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143008 THEVERGE 2019-7-11:
Microsoft is making Windows 10 passwordless
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142849 ENGADGET 2019-7-10:
Windows 10 preview tests password-free sign-ins
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143064 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-11:
Microsoft Teams has 13 million daily active users, beating Slack
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143083 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-11:
Yandex reveals self-driving Hyundai Sonata
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ID: 143050


Date: 2019-07-11

Microsoft’s Azure Kinect Developer Kit begins shipping in the U.S. and China

During a keynote at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona earlier this year, Microsoft took the wraps off of Azure Kinect Developer Kit, a $399 all-in-one perception system for computer vision and speech solutions and the evolution of the Seattle companys Project Kinect for Azure. Today ahead of its Inspire conference in Las Vegas, Microsoft announced that Azure Kinect Developer Kit is generally available in the U.S. and China and will begin shipping to customers who preordered it. Azure Kinect is an intelligent edge device that doesnt just see and hear but understands the people, the environment, the objects, and their actions, said Microsoft Azure corporate vice president Julia White in an earlier statement. It only makes sense for us to create a new device when we have unique capabilities or technology to help move the industry forward. Azure Kinect combines a 1-megapixel (1,024 x 1,024 pixel) depth sensor — the same time-of-flight sensor developed for HoloLens 2 — with a 12-megapixel high-depth camera and spatial 7-microphone array, all in a package about 5 inches long and 1.5 inches thick that altogether draws less than 950mw of power. Developers can toggle the field of view (thanks to a global shutter and automatic pixel gain selection), and the Developer Kit works with a range of compute types that can be used together to provide a panoramic understanding of the environment. The level of accuracy you can achieve is unprecedented, White added. Through Microsofts early adopter program, one customer — Ava Retail — used Azure Kinect and the Azure cloud to develop a self-checkout and grab-and-go shopping platform, while health care systems provider Ocuvera tapped it to detect when patients fall and to proactively alert nurses to likely falls. A third tester, DataMesh, experimented with comparing digital car design models to physical parts on the factory floor. The launch of Azure Kinect comes nearly nine years after Microsoft released the first Kinect as a motion-sensing gaming peripheral for its Xbox 360 console.