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143053 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-11:
N26 launches its challenger bank in the US
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143092 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-11:
European challenger bank N26 launches in the U.S.
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142899 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-10:
Revolut opens tech hub in Berlin
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142731 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-9:
Bunq lets you track and settle up group expenses
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143487 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-15:
Curve, the ‘over-the-top’ banking platform, raises $55M at a $250M valuation
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142542 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-8:
Grasshopper’s Judith Erwin leaps into innovation banking
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142862 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-9:
Remitly raises $220M to expand from money transfers to financial services, now at ~$1B valuation
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142649 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-9:
India’s NiYO ‘neo-bank’ raises $35M to help blue-collar workers access financial services
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142694 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-9:
Habito, the digital mortgage broker, will begin direct lending via its own mortgages
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142766 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-10:
Bankrupt Maker Faire revives, reduced to Make Community
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143249 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-12:
Dejbox wants to deliver food to offices in business districts at scale
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142576 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-9:
Cloosiv gives local coffee shops a mobile ordering experience on par with the mega chains
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143099 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-11:
Daily Crunch: Apple disables Walkie Talkie app
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143399 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-15:
DefenseStorm raises $15 million for automated cybersecurity and compliance solutions
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142788 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-10:
Pipefy raises $45 million for process pipeline management software
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143450 THENEXTWEB 2019-7-15:
Here’s how to delete or deactivate your Snapchat account
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143254 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-12:
Facebook answers how Libra taxes & anti-fraud will work
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142729 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-9:
Stranger Things 3 racks up most viewers in first four days for a Netflix show ever
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143237 THENEXTWEB 2019-7-12:
Here’s how to mute those Instagram Story spammers
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142907 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-10:
Bird plans to hire 1,000 people in Paris
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143349 THEVERGE 2019-7-15:
Facebook’s Libra hearings in Congress are the best free entertainment you’ll get all week
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142703 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-9:
Bolt raises $68 million to simplify ecommerce
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142530 TECHCRUNCH 2019-7-8:
Uber rival Bolt has closed another tranche of funding at a $1B+ valuation
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142686 VENTUREBEAT 2019-7-9:
Lightico raises $14.5 million to help businesses complete transactions over the phone
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142484 THENEXTWEB 2019-7-8:
Warframe wants to send a player to space (rocket not included)
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ID: 143053


Date: 2019-07-11

N26 launches its challenger bank in the US

European fintech startup N26 is now accepting customers in the U.S. The company is launching a bank account with a debit card that should provide a better experience compared to traditional retail banks. If youre familiar with N26, the product that is going live today wont surprise you much. Customers in the U.S. can download a mobile app and create a bank account from their phone in just a few minutes. Its a true bank account with ACH payments, routing and account numbers. A few days later, you receive a debit card that you can control from the mobile app. Every time you make a transaction, you instantly receive a push notification telling you how much money you just paid. You can set up your PIN code, customize limits, turn on and off online payments, and make ATM withdrawals or payments abroad. And thats about all there is to know. But what about fees? Basic N26 accounts are free. Theres no monthly fee and no minimum balance. Theres no fee on transactions in a foreign currency and you get two free ATM withdrawals per month. N26 is going to progressively roll out signups over the summer as a sort of beta program. If youve signed up to the waitlist, youll get an invitation over the coming hours, days and weeks. There are currently 100,000 people on the waitlist. N26 will then open signups to everyone later this summer. When N26 rolls out its final product in a couple of months, the company says that it plans to automatically find and reimburse fees the ATM operators are charging. N26 cards in the U.S. work on the Visa network instead of Mastercard. Just like Chime, N26 will also try to let you get paid up to two days early if you get paid via direct deposit. Instead of waiting a couple of days to clear those transactions, N26 will go ahead and top up your account. Behind the scenes, there are a few differences between N26 in Europe and N26 in the U.S. While N26 has a full-fledged banking license in Europe, the company has partnered with Axos Bank, which is acting as a white-label partner in the U.S. Axos Bank essentially manages your money for you, and N26 acts as the interface between customers and their bank accounts. As a result, you get an FDIC-insured account. N26 first partnered with a third-party company in Europe, as well. But it was a costly deal that wasnt meant to stick around. The startup got a banking license in Germany that was good for Europe at large. In the U.S., its a different story, as the market is not as unified as in Europe — its complicated to get a license to operate in all 50 states. We looked at 30 players, we did some due diligence and were happy to partner with Axos Bank. The deals that you get in the U.S. for white-label banks are much more favorable than in Europe, N26 co-founder and CEO Valentin Stalf told me. Its a setup for the longer term. Its good for a couple million customers, Stalf added later in the conversation. N26 is already planning more features for the U.S. The company plans to roll out two premium plans — N26 Metal and then N26 Black. And it sounds like there will be some changes when it comes to perks for premium users. We took that to a separate level, Stalf said. And shared Spaces are finally arriving in the coming months. Spaces are sub-accounts designed to put money aside. You can swipe money from one Space to another or you can set up automated rules. Eventually, youll be able to share a Space with other people so that you can save money and spend money together. Itll work like a WhatsApp group, Stalf said. N26 currently has 3.5 million customers in Europe and has raised more than $500 million in total so far. There are now a thousand people working for N26 in Berlin, 60 employees in New York, 80 people in Barcelona and a small team of five to 10 people starting soon in Vienna. It went from being a small company to being an international company, Stalf said.